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The holidays are a time of celebration and making special memories with family and friends.  For many of us, traditions are a big part of the festivities and special moments we enjoy. In honor of the season, the Upright team has some Christmas traditions we would like to share with you.

Keely Ledebur

Each year I look forward to unpacking the Christmas ornaments.  We have many handmade decorations, souvenirs we collected on trips, and ornaments that used to hang on my mother’s tree when she was young, and they all bring back special memories. Every year I give my kids an ornament or two representing something they like at the time.  Now at 14 and 16, they already have a nice collection of ornaments (and memories) to hang on their own trees someday.

Greg Frye

When our kids were small we always went over to my sister Carol’s home for Christmas Eve.  I love my sister and family but as the kids got a little older we decided that it was time for our own tradition, just the four of us.  So, we decided that we would go out to dinner and see a movie after.  Since most Chinese restaurants were open Christmas Eve, the China Gourmet became our go to spot.  And for weeks leading up to Christmas, there was always a lively discussion about which movie we would see.  Now that our kids live out of town we are not always able to get everyone together for the holidays, but when we do you can bet we’ll go out for Chinese and a movie!

Erin Meyer

Monorail image courtesy of Pinterest

When I was very young, growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our Christmas traditions included taking a trip downtown to see the holiday displays at the prominent banks and department stores. Part of this tradition was a ride on the Rocket Express Monorail, located in the Boston Store toy department. (The monorail shown here is similar to my beloved ride.) I still recall my giddy anticipation as we rode the elevator to the 7th floor. The ride was always followed by waiting in line for a chance to bend Santa’s ear. Though the Rocket Express did not last long enough for me to share with my children, we were able to preserve the spirit of the tradition by visiting the Santa at mall. Sometimes traditions may look different through the years, but they retain their essence in our hearts.

Colleen Frye

Even though we’re not a family who follow traditions all that closely, there is however one tradition that I just absolutely love and we seem to keep doing year after year (fingers crossed!)! Being from an Italian family, we love our pasta. For many years now, on Christmas day, we prepare my Grandmother’s delicious spaghetti sauce that has the house smelling decadent for even days afterward. We typically open our gifts on Christmas morning, have a nice breakfast and then spend the rest of the day tending to the sauce recipe. Whether you’re responsible to chop up what seems like a dozen onions, or you’re assigned to chop the never ending amount of carrots, it’s a family affair. We also make sure to prepare the delicious bread rolls with heaping amounts of butter (at least that’s how my plate looks), a side of cranberry sauce or my personal side favorite, celery with blue cheese/cream cheese mix. It’s divine. Once we’re all set and ready, we sit down for a lavish affair! Our nicest place settings, candles burning everywhere and a plate filled with colorful items from a hard day’s work. Though my Grandmother Horn is no longer with us, I’m so glad we have kept this tradition alive as we’ve gotten older. Just last year, I had the first opportunity to host our Christmas day spaghetti sauce making and I couldn’t have been more proud. It was enjoyed by all and no one got food poisoning – I’d say that’s a win!

From the team at Upright Communications, we wish you all a very warm and wonderful holiday season!

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