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Google’s New Show Options Filter: A Whole New Way to Google Your Search

Google's Show options Feature

About a month ago, Google introduced a new search feature which allows the searcher to further customize their results. In the past, we’ve discussed how factors like Google Universal, personalized results, and even multiple data centers affect rankings. A search engine ranking is becoming more influenced by the individual user, and less standard across every experience. And Google’s recent update to their functionality takes the rankings another step closer to being more personalized.

Google OptionsJust search for anything in Google and you’ll see the link to “Show options…” right there at the top. Click on it and voila! There are the options which allow you to filter the results by type (videos, forums and reviews), according to date of creation or update, and alter how your overall results are displayed (whether it’s with more text, or more images). There’s even a page with tips on how the use of Google’s search options can help you get better results.

Perhaps the coolest feature of all is the Wonder Wheel. Google says this feature can help you discover alternative search terms which in turn might help you find what you’re looking for. The SEO in me says, “Wait a second! Google’s trying to tell me something! Why does Google think these terms are related? What’s the relationship here?” The way I look at it, this wheel of wonder is a little peek into semantics and contains some hints on how you could organize your content, or clues as to additional topics that you can create content around.

As the web becomes more competitive every day, we need to continuously step up our game to stay ahead of the competition. When Google introduces something like this, look for opportunities and clues on how to improve your site and your content, rather than yet another road block to accurate ranking reports.