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‘Google My Business’ Wish List

As many of you already know, Google has rolled out their latest My Business update.  Google has finally merged Google Plus and Google Places into one! You can now update all of your businesses in one location, plus much more.  It has seemingly done a nice job of solving issues that have been lingering since 2011 in the local realm.  However, as Mike Blumenthal, our friend and colleague, points out in his recent blog, we still would like to see even more upgrades to the platform.


Here are a few wish list items that stood out to us:

Better Multiple Business Locations Management

If you have multiple pages (business locations) under management in your account, it seems a little complicated to navigate.  In fact, it takes forever to load the pages and then when it does, you can never seem to find the location you were looking for in the first place.  There is a dropdown on the top right of the page that gives you a full, ‘easy-to-access’ list, but even then, the addresses aren’t associated with the location, so you really aren’t quite sure if you’re clicking on the right place.

Better Local Analytics

Though we’ve seen an improvement in the amount of data that Google is providing to its local Dashboard users, we would still like to see better tracking of goals and conversions to a sale.  We know that Google is tracking all sorts of goodies in the update platform, so why not show us more information!

Great idea alert: Further Integration with Google Products

Mike pointed out that it would be great if there were a free or low cost way to schedule appointments directly from their My Business listing or even incorporate a tool like Google Survey for consumer analysis.

Do you have your own ideas as to what should be added to the updated Dashboard?  We’d love to hear from you!