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Google Insights You Might Be Missing

Google My Business listing information is like online gold. It’s helpful for potential customers to find your listing on Google and it’s helpful for business owners to know helpful listing data. It’s basically a win-win situation!

Before we dig into the online gold that Google My Business listing data has to offer, we have to make sure that your business listing is claimed on Google. Here is how you determine if your listing is claimed or not:

  • In the Google search bar, enter the name of your business and the zip code
  • There should be a section to the right on the page that has your business information on it
    –This is information that Google has gathered about your business such as the address, hours, phone number, etc. More than likely this information came from your website or another listing such as Yelp.
  • If the listing says ‘ claim this business ’ on the pop out then your business is not claimed on Google

We recommend that you claim your listing on Google to unlock extra insightful data. Below is a handful of data that business owners will have access to:

  • Responding to reviews
  • Popular day of the week for phone calls
  • The number of clicks to call
  • The number of clicks to the site from the listing
  • The amount of views to the listing by directly searching the business name in Google
  • The amount of views to the listing by searching for a product or service
  • The number of clicks for driving directions
  • The amount of views to the photo gallery
  • The most viewed image
  • The amount of views of the listing either by search or on maps

It takes time for businesses to gain the trust of potential customers and they’ll build trust with you by looking at your business listing. If your listing is claimed, optimized and reviews have been responded to, then you’re in good shape. Upright Communications can help you claiming your listing! Let’s schedule a 15-minute phone call to see how we can help you.