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Google My Business has rolled out a new feature to several accounts where you can post news, events, savings, etc. publically to your business listing. If you received an email from Google inviting you to the program, you’re eligible to start posting right away.

We performed a test for a client we saw the new Google Post update on and are seeing it in action in Google search. We look forward to this being rolled out to all of you in the near future. It’s typically anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to see it on most, if not all, accounts. The pilot is available until January 10, 2017, according to Google.

screenshot of google post


Key Tips for Google Posts

  • The posting feature is located within your Google My Business dashboard (if available)
  • You can add images or videos to your post
  • You can edit your post once it goes out
  • Posts will appear on Google Search for 7 days, once they are published
  • You can schedule a post to go out – just click on the Clock icon
  • You can share your posts once they’re created – just click on the three dot icon

Are you seeing this new rollout for your business? Not sure what to do with it? We can help!

Ideas to Consider –

  • We can now include new coupon/rebate savings to better entice the customer
  • Alert people of celebrations & events
  • Post industry updates, like ‘Safety Month’ news & how your business takes workplace safety very seriously
  • Encourage people to sign up for your blog or email mailing list
  • Introduce your newest hire
  • Supporting a local cause – let folks know
  • Doing a holiday fundraiser, mention it in a post
  • Get a positive comment from a customer in writing – share it in a post

Consider using tracking URL’s to see how many clicks you indeed get on your post. Though Google My Business will be offering insights into your posting successes!

The ideas are endless. We really look forward to developing a plan and strategy & what ways we can best help this new roll out benefit you and your business.

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