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facebook jobsAre you a small business struggling with filling positions? We have good news for you.

Last year, Facebook launched its own job search feature. Never before did we think it would be possible to find a job on Facebook, the adored social media platform. With over 65 million business pages listed on Facebook, it certainly is worth investigating.

So how does it work anyway?

Good question! Each job listing lasts for 30 days exactly and after each application, the job poster will receive a message in their Facebook inbox. The application will include basic details and the employer can follow-up requesting additional information such as a resume, cover letter, availability for an interview, etc.

What can I provide as an employer?

Facebook limits its jobs to very basic postings. This includes a photo, job title, location, job type (full-time, part-time, etc.), details (5000 characters), and lastly salary and additional questions which are both optional.


Facebook does not allow applicants to submit formal applications through Facebook Jobs, but fortunately, there are several methods to connect with applications to obtain more information.

  • Request in the job description that only in-person applications will be accepted
  • Request in the job description to call the place of business to inquire further about the job
  • Respond to all applicant Facebook messages with a link to apply to the job online

Think you’re ready to post?

Don’t forget to double check! The “View As” function was created for this purpose. Prospective applicants can also “Subscribe” to keep up-to-date with future job opportunities, so you can mention this in the description as well.

We are excited about this new feature and hope that you make the most of it as an employer! Facebook Jobs was designed to make the process of finding and applying to jobs as easy as possible so we hope this feature will help you find qualified candidates and fill jobs.

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