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Search engine optimization, also widely known as SEO, is the process of maximizing your website’s visibility in order to rank well in organic search results. Organic, in this sense, refers to unpaid exposure in the results of a search. Businesses have the option to pay for their site to be easily visible in the “Sponsored” section at the top of a Google page. This is popular for businesses selling goods. For those of you ballin’ on a budget, there are less costly ways to rank higher.

Keyword Research

A popular method for optimizing a business’ website is by utilizing keywords. By researching keywords that closely correlate to its services or goods offered, a business can maximize its exposure in a search engine by using alternative terms. This expands its website’s reach by giving it a higher chance of appearing in a search engine because of the additional terms.

Every person searches for information differently which means their word choice and word order can vary greatly. More keywords embedded in your website’s content, the higher the chance it’ll rank higher. This method is not as simple as it once was. There have been many changes to search engine algorithms – especially Google. You can read more here. Due to these changes, there has been a gradual evolution in search engines.

Consumers Are Asking Questions

When utilizing a search engine, such as Google, do you find yourself primarily typing a question in the search bar? Trust me, you’re not the only one.

Customer Intent

A customer’s journey starts with a question and it is the business’ job to provide the answer. After all, customers are making the transition from links to answers. To be successful in providing the answer, it is crucial to understand the customer’s intent. Intent can be typically broken down to four desires: to know, to go, to do, or to buy. These are the main reasons that a person turns to a search engine for an answer. Not only should you know your customer’s intent, you should deeply understand it in order to market effectively to them.

Technological Changes

Is artificial intelligence the technology of the future? It would seem that we are quickly approaching a semblance of this future.

Smart speakers and virtual assistants are being readily used in households. Products such as the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomePod are being widely implemented in homes. With these virtual assistants, users primarily look for answers by asking questions: “Hey Alexa, what is the best Chinese takeout place near me?”. As this technology becomes more efficient and reliable, the number of questions asked in search engines will skyrocket due to higher implementation.

Ask the Right Questions With Keywords

We don’t want you to think that keywords are not important – this is certainly not the case. Rather, the approach to utilizing keywords should be to form questions and provide answers. Integrating questions in your site can be tricky, but forming answers that coincide with keywords is not nearly as hard. If your keyword bank is well-developed, it should be easy-peasy. We believe in you!

What You Can Do

Create Conversational Brand Content

Relationships are built on conversations – give and take. This is the same for a business-customer relationship. Your brand data needs to be structured in a way that customers feel like they can have a conversation with you. The content of your website should answer their questions while provoking the right questions from them. Conversation is a two-way street that can be a great tool for your business’ site.

Keep Content Accurate

This is a lot to take in, but we are here to help! An easy way that you can keep your website relevant is by making sure all information, across all platforms, is accurate. Consumers are taking different paths to your website – the homepage is not always the first page they see. Your brand is absolutely everywhere: social media, blogs, videos, reviews, FAQ, product pages, partner’s platforms, and even expert websites. Your total brand interactions count for more than just your website clicks. That being said, accurate information is a must!

Contact Upright Communications

If this all seems a little bit too much, Upright Communications has your back. We are more than happy and equipped with professionals that specialize in SEO. Give us a call today at 513-699-5196 or fill out a contact form on our site. Don’t hesitate, we’re here to help!


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