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Most Effective Call-to-Action Strategies

Call-to-Action StrategiesAre your call-to-actions working? If you’re not sure, then the answer is no — so try these strategies for effective call to actions to boost your conversions.

Show Users How it Works

You can talk all you want about why your service is killer, but what website visitors really want is to see it in action and decide for themselves. Call-to-actions that actually show users what you do and why it’s so amazing (instead of telling them) are highly effective. Think “See a Demo,” “Show Me” or “Create My Product.” Combine these simple prompts with your unique product or service for a CTA that incites curiosity and keeps customers excited.

Give Away Something for Free

Is your CTA a freebie? State it loud and proud, as Square does, to boost your conversion rate. Square uses “Get Free Card Reader” as their call to action. You might tree “Grab Free White Paper, “Get Free Trial,” “Claim Your Free Week” or another call to action that’s specific to your free product.

Be Laid-Back

If you’re trying to get leads to take the next step, such as set up a free consultation with you, effective CTAs are often laid-back and casual. Think “Let’s connect” or “Let’s talk” rather than the bland “Submit” or “Contact Me.” Pair a casual CTA with a one-liner that explains the next step — i.e. if they complete your form they’ll get a free 30-minute consult– to see your clickthroughs skyrocket.

Let these call-to-action strategies guide you in improving your website’s call to actions, then enjoying the benefit of increased traffic, conversions, and sales. As with any new technique you implement for your website, you will have the most success if you evaluate user behavior and tweak your CTAs so they connect with your audience.