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Digital MarketingDistributors are often left out of the conversation on digital marketing — which means they miss all of the benefits. If you’re seeking new customers, investing in digital marketing will get you found by serious prospects. Here’s what’s important for distributors to know about digital marketing.

SEO is Key

SEO or search engine optimization is where it all starts. Without SEO, your website won’t come up with a potential customer searches for distributors in your industry.

While you can do your own SEO, you will get a far better return on investment by hiring a digital marketing company to optimize your website.

Customer Testimonials Build Trust

If you aren’t showing customer testimonials on your website, you are missing out on a powerful tool. Consumer testimonials build trust and increase your authority without coming across as too salesy.

Ask long-term customers to write a testimonial for you, then share on your website.

Social Media Expands Your Reach

More than 83 percent of B2B marketers use social media to stay in touch with customers and raise their visibility. By having active social media channels, you can get found by new clients, grow your reach, and increase your revenue.

Newsletters Increase Engagement

By keeping in touch with customers, you stay at the top of their mind. They may order from you more frequently (especially if you advertise specials) or pass along your name if a business owner asks for a distributor recommendation. Newsletters are a key engagement strategy.

Get Help With Digital Marketing

As a distributor, you’re wearing a lot of hats and you don’t want to spend time on social media or marketing. Get assistance from a digital marketing agency with a track record of results. See why our customers love us and how we can help you.

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