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open business signB2B digital marketing requires different tactics than B2C marketing, which gets a lot of the attention. If you’re a B2B brand looking to invest in digital marketing, here’s what you need to know.

Focus on Know, Like, Trust

B2B shoppers want to know, like, and trust the companies they do business with. Educate companies with high-value content that positions your business as the industry leader, boost likability through your tone and messaging, and increase trust by sharing testimonials from clients.

Social media is a great way to boost know, like, and trust among Millennials, an important demographic with B2B purchasing power.

Update Your Website

Potential customers might discover your brand via social media or an internet search, but they will eventually come to your website to learn more. Shoppers expect clean, responsive, and modern looking websites. If your site is old or lacks responsive features, you will lose sales. Update your site with an eye toward user experience to convert customers, boost revenue, and stay at the top of your niche.

Double Down on SEO

SEO is still king, and that’s because it helps your business get discovered by busy employees searching for the perfect product for their needs. Blog regularly and always incorporate keywords to rise in search results naturally.

If you hire an SEO partner, be wary of results that sound too good to be true. Shady or “black hat” SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing, can penalize your business and threaten your efforts to grow.

Grow Your B2B Business Now

Get help with digital marketing from a field leader for 20 years. Upright Communications offers strategic digital marketing services for B2B companies on the local, national, and international levels. Request a call to see how we can help you stand out.

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