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Upright Customer Spotlight: Paragon Roofing

Upright is proud to showcase a new client website launch for Paragon Roofing. The new Paragon Roof website features the company’s innovative line of composite roofing products. This client wanted a website that would generate sales leads and provide comprehensive information on their products.

About Paragon Roof Systems

Paragon Roof System is a new company, but not new to the roofing industry. It was founded by industry leading roofing technology innovators with more than 20 years of experience in composite roofing. They were also the inventors and owners of both the materials for Titan Roof System and Brava Roof Tile. Paragon composite roofing products represent the culmination of historical design inspiration, newly engineered features, innovative material technology, and enhanced color capabilities.

About The Website

The Paragon Roof System website consists of three main sections that will provide website visitors with a comprehensive overview of the Paragon product line. The sections include: Composite Roofing, Paragon Benefits, and Composite Roof Installation. The Composite Roofing section includes an introduction to the product line as well as details about the company’s Spanish Tile Roofing, Mission Tile Roofing, Slate Roofing, and Shake Roofing. Each product page lists benefits, specs, and accessories, and includes beautiful photographs of their variety of designs.

In the Paragon Benefits section, visitors will learn more about:

Helpful overviews of the various types of roofing installations are found in the Composite Roof Installation section, along with a comprehensive downloadable guide. This section also includes information on how to become a preferred Paragon installer.

In addition to these three main sections, visitors will be able to learn more about Paragon Roofing Systems in the About Us section of the website. They can also browse questions and answers about Paragon and Paragon composite roofing products in the FAQ section, and read about composite roofing topics in the Blog section.

Upright Communications is proud to collaborate with innovative businesses like Paragon Roof Systems, to help them leverage the power of successful digital marketing strategies.