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Upright Customer Spotlight: Glacier Technology

Scott Clausen, President of Glacier Technology of Plymouth, Minnesota

Scott Clausen, aka “the Reggae Ringer,” shares his favorite way to give back during the holiday season.

The Upright team is proud to work with some really fantastic clients, and from time to time we like to brag about them. Scott Clausen, President of Glacier Technology of Plymouth, Minnesota is our latest example. Recently we learned that Scott was featured on a local news channel, WCCO 4 News CBS Minnesota, to represent the Salvation Army by sharing his experience. (Watch the clip here).

According to Scott, 11 years ago he discovered one of his favorite ways to give during the holiday season when he became a bell ringer. Feeling a desire to find an impactful way to serve others, he decided to give ringing the bell for the seasonal campaign a try. Since then, it has become a tradition he enthusiastically anticipates and enjoys every year.

Scott was a great choice for this honor, not only for his dedication, but for the unique and creative way he approaches the job. The ‘Reggae Ringer’, as he is known, came up with an unusual way to make standing outside in the Minnesota cold for long shifts a little more fun.

Scott embraced a tropical theme, playing Caribbean music and displaying eye-catching island props. He began with a simple inflatable palm tree, and has since expanded his festive decor to include a large lighted palm tree adorned with leis, a pelican, flamingo, and dolphin. His set up also includes a space heater and even a bubble machine.

To those considering ways to give and serve, Scott highly recommends becoming a Salvation Army bell ringer, especially this year when the need is so great. Speaking about the experience during the interview, Scott’s message was,

“If you are thinking about ringing the bell, the answer is ‘yes’. We need you to ring the bell. You will see the best part of humanity when you stand here and ring the bell.”

The red kettle campaign has been a cornerstone of the ministry’s mission since 1891. Learn more about how to get involved at

Congratulations, Scott, and thank you for all you do to make the season bright!