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Upright Customer Spotlight: Anthony Cole Training Launches New Website

Anthony Cole Training desktop, tablet and mobile design displayed in one image

Upright is excited to announce the successful launch of the recently updated, expanded, and redesigned Anthony Cole Training Group website. The new website features details on the company’s comprehensive line of sales training and sales productivity programs and tools.

About Anthony Cole Training

Anthony Cole Training Group is a 27-year-old Cincinnati-based sales coaching, training and development firm. They offer a market-tested sales training approach that drives results by working closely with clients to help them develop the language, skills, and behaviors required to more effectively sell, coach, and hire. 

About The Project

During the planning stages of this project, our client identified their goals for the new website:

  • Driving more qualified leads
  • Creating a resource for our current clients for sales training information and tools
  • Communicating our expertise in our field
  • Getting found by those companies in need of sales and productivity development

Working together with Anthony Cole Training, and using the information gleaned from the Usability Study we conducted, we developed a plan to make the new website an informative resource with comprehensive information about the firm’s sales training approach, sales training programs and sales productivity tools.  We also focused on developing a user-friendly design that would be attractive, simple to navigate, and easily accessible on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Anthony Cole Training wanted to use their website to clearly communicate what the company does best – building sales organizations by helping them sell better, coach better and hire better. To convey this message, the home page features an introductory video presented by Alex Cole-Murphy, Anthony Cole Training Managing Director of Hiring and Sales Development Expert.

In the Comprehensive Custom Programs section of the website, users discover how Anthony Cole Training uses customized programming and deep domain expertise to teach clients an effective selling system, how to develop sales management systems and processes, and to help clients understand the science of hiring sales talent.

The Industries Served section describes how the firm’s approach can be suited to serve specific industries, and highlights four industries they serve particularly well: Banking, Insurance, Corporate and Professional Services Sales Training. 

Also available on the new website is an invaluable collection of sales management and sales productivity tools, including a world class hiring assessment tool.

The Our Results section of the website allows visitors to read how clients describe the amazing success stories they’ve experienced partnering with Anthony Cole Training.

Upright Communications is proud to collaborate with hard-working businesses like Anthony Cole Training Group to help them leverage the power of successful digital marketing strategies.