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Upright is proud to showcase a new client website launch – AnchorHog. The new AnchorHog website sells an innovative line of ground anchors, designed to secure valuable property stored indoors and out.

About AnchorHog

AnchorHog is an innovative lock security anchor created by Frank Lauyans, to answer the need for increased property security. The device features a unique, tamper-resistant design. Mr. Lauyans saw the need for increased security of property, particularly “grab and go” items that are easy for a thief to quickly steal. While it is not possible to prevent every theft, he believes people can take precautions that will discourage would-be robbers from easily getting away with property.

About The Website

In order to take this specialized product to market, the creators of AnchorHog wanted to develop a secure, user-friendly site that would allow visitors to learn about the product line and also purchase AnchorHog products and accessories. The Products and Accessories sections of the site feature item images and descriptions, as well as a shopping cart option to buy items direct from the manufacturer.

The bold and attractive site design features helpful photos that showcase the AnchorHog and demonstrate how it is used. The Applications page provides readers with a wide range of ideas for how AnchorHog can be used to secure property.

Designed in WordPress, the website for AnchorHog has been developed to be mobile-friendly and easily accessible on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

In addition to products and accessories, the website features other informative sections, including Frequently Asked Questions, Reviews, and a Blog.

Upright Communications is proud to collaborate with innovative businesses like AnchorHog, to help them leverage the power of successful digital marketing strategies.

To celebrate the website launch, AnchorHog invites readers of this blog to receive 20% off their purchase at by using coupon code FRIEND20. This code can be applied to the purchase of any AnchorHog model and excludes Accessories.

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