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Conversion Optimization for your Website

Conversion Optimization for your WebsiteYour website can have all the right on-page SEO, but without conversion optimization, you will not see the return on investment you seek. Read on for our favorite tips on conversion optimization for your website.

Revamp Your Content

The best call to action won’t get read if customers do not reach it, so conversion starts with your content.

Quality content is focused and topical. It answers the questions your readers have and provides the information they need to know. It’s readable, not laden with keywords. If you struggle with content creation, get help from a content writer who knows your niche.

Simplify Your Design

A cluttered website fights against conversion because customers cannot find what they need on a crowded site. While images and video tell the story, encouraging conversion, they work best when they enhance the content rather replace it.

Use a few high-quality photos or a single video per page so the design is clean. This way, readers can skim the website, find what they need, and then convert.

Simplify your website design by getting rid of outdated technology such as Flash, which does not accommodate mobile users and can negatively impact your ranking.

Use Clear CTAs

CTAs, or calls to action, urge the customer to take a specific action, whether that’s signing up for your newsletter or buying your product. They pull together your conversion optimization by giving your customers the chance to convert. Sprinkle your CTAs throughout your website, but make sure they are clear and specific so users know what to expect.

Are you ready to implement conversion optimization strategies for your website? Get help from Upright, an industry leader with more than 20 years of experience. Contact us to talk about your needs and how we can help.