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A Clue on Reviews!

ClueWe live in a world where people depend more and more on resources found on the internet. Looking for a new restaurant around town? Google “restaurant” to see what pops up. Will you try the restaurant that has bad reviews about a dirty kitchen or try the restaurant that has great reviews about the service?

It is important to do your best to get reviews. The people who really need and want to know how great you are, are the complete strangers who haven’t chosen your company for your services. The people who are Googling your location + services.

Take a look at these three steps to get reviews!

  1. Simply ask. If you feel as though you have done a great job and the customer is happy with the services, simply ask if he/she would be willing to write a review about the company. Google would be an ideal review source along with Facebook. Facebook pages now has a review. Not to be choosy because any good review is a great start!
  2. Follow up via e-mail. Follow up with Jane who purchased a set of tires last Monday to make certain all is well. We are positive she will respond with great news and maybe even comment as to how much she loved the services. Once she has provided you with a great review via e-mail, simply request for her approval to publish her comment on your website or social media pages.
  3. Place a good old fashioned comment card at the checkout counter. If the customers really like your services (we are confident they will) they’ll be inspired to fill out a comment card. The comment card could be in an anonymous format and placed in a black box once it is complete.

The team at Upright Communications has conducted extensive research, collaborated and put together the best strategies for getting reviews. Above all, it is important to prepare your staff for the review gathering adventure. Ultimately, the staff is the face of the company and it is up to them to make the customer ‘fall in love’ with the staff and the company. A quick ‘jump start’ team meeting reviewing all of the basics of customer service and a briefing of the review gathering task will motivate your team to do an outstanding job!