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One of the main reasons of having a website is so that your business, product or services can be found on the internet. Search engine optimization, SEO, is the key ingredient to making sure your website is found by those who could benefit from your business.  There are over 300 ranking factors that search engines use to determine which sites rank for certain keywords. The most popular search engine, Google, isn’t totally transparent on the 300 ranking factors but SEO specialists have a pretty good grasp. We won’t dive in to all 300 ranking factors (because that would be very overwhelming) but we can give you our top six ranking factors.

  1. Keyword phrases
    The emphasis used to be on keywords but now the emphasis is on keyword phrases. As search developed, SEO specialists saw more of a trend on the impact of keyword phrases. An example of a phrase could be, ‘when to start a juice cleanse.’
  2. Attention to page load speed
    Page load speed is one of the veteran ranking factors. The way to eliminate a slow page load speed is to remove large images, flash graphics, music players and plugins. You can check out our blog post on Why Website Load Time Matters for Rank for detailed information.
  3. Update your site frequently
    By frequently we mean every six months for the main pages and as often as possible for blogs. Blogs are a great resource to help with rankings and the more often you post, the better.
  4. Don’t change your domain
    Find the domain you want and stick with it. It’s not totally terrible if you change your domain BUT there are many more benefits of having a domain with history.
  5. Don’t write like a robot
    Robots can sniff out robots. Search engines can tell when content is written by a bot or stuffed with a bunch of nonsense and a keyword every other word. The main point of having content on your site is to find a potential customer. The viewer will click off the site quickly if it’s not real, human written content.
  6. Use keywords in your images
    Images with alt tags are helpful with ranking. Keep in mind what we said about page load speed and don’t add too many images. It’s important to find a happy medium with adding images but don’t forget about alt tags. Here is where we will want to use keywords instead of keyword phrases.

Business owners shouldn’t have to worry about operating their business and focus on search engine optimization. Leave managing your business to you and leave managing your search engine optimization to us. There is a lot involved with SEO and we know how to make a difference with our eyes shut. We can set up a 15-minute chat to see how Upright Communications can help your business!

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