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5 Tips for an Effective Blog Strategy

business bloggingThere’s a lot of information out there on how to blog effectively, but sometimes it can feel like too much. Cut through the noise and focus your business blogging efforts with these 5 strategy tips.

1. Know Your Why

Why are you blogging? If you can’t answer this question, you can’t be an effective business blogger.

Spend time thinking about your goals and objectives for your blog. Are you looking to increase new clients, to grow your connection to your customers, to stand out in your industry, or some combination of the above? Once you can answer this, you can bring clarity to your blogging efforts.

2. Double Down on Your Keywords

Identify the keywords that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck and write on those often. A blogging calendar can focus your efforts.

3. Stick With the Customer Journey

Remember the customer journey? As a reminder, the customer journey speaks to the different phases, from awareness to conversion and brand advocacy. Address blog content to all phases of the customer journey to convince customers and convert leads.

4. Address a Pain Point

When you use this strategy you will never get writers block again. The best blog posts answer a customer’s pain point and show how your brand has the solution. You’ll position your brand as the expert and increase sales.

5. Share Your Blog

Don’t wait for readers to find your blog posts, share them to grow readership. Consistently share your blog on social media after posting to increase traffic and ROI.
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