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2020 – A Year to be Thankful in the Midst of Uncertainty

For many, this Thanksgiving will seem much different than the holiday has traditionally been in the past. Faces will be missing from family celebrations and groups gathered at the table will be significantly smaller.

Political turmoil, a health crisis, and an uncertain economy may have many of us feeling somewhat lost and fearful in a way we’ve not experienced before. While times like these are trying, they also offer us an opportunity to be grateful. Even if that means we have to look a little harder to find the things for which we can be thankful.

In addition to the many blessings I am grateful for in my personal life, I also find myself appreciating my job and my clients just a little bit more. We have weathered quite a storm together, fraught with shut-downs and economic unrest unlike anything we have seen before.

We’ve stayed the course through change and challenges, and seen it through to adaptation and opportunity. I am so proud of my company and our clients – we’ve pulled together and truly made the best of an ominous situation.

While I know challenges remain, and the road ahead is still uncertain, I feel that I can look ahead with confidence. Thinking about and being thankful for the obstacles we have already overcome is both humbling and inspiring.

On behalf of the Upright Communications team, I want to say thank you for staying the course with us through 2020. We also wish you all a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving.