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Business bloggingBusiness blogging is a great way to add new content to your website, while also giving your customers and prospects a reason to visit your website.  Posts with interesting and useful information will establish your website as a helpful resource, and establish a positive image for your business. Unfortunately, coming up with blog post ideas can be challenging, so it is all too easy to let your business blog fall by the wayside.

One of the keys to making your blog successful is posting consistently.  A blog with outdated or infrequent posts will create a negative and unprofessional impression of your business.  It is important to develop a plan and schedule for your posts to make sure your blog stays on track.

Here are 12 post ideas you can use to start or restart your business blog:

  1. Spotlight a featured product – make sure the tone of your post is informative, rather than sounding like a pitch.
  2. Report on industry events – trade shows and industry exhibitions are a great source for interesting news.
  3. Share a customer success story – ask a loyal customer who has benefited from your products if they would mind doing a testimonial.
  4. Discuss industry developments – new technologies and products are not only interesting to your readers, but reporting on them will position you as an industry leader.
  5. Compile a list of resources – everyone loves a “cheat sheet”, so a list of handy references will be appreciated and book marked.
  6. Share an informative industry article – if an industry news item you have found is of interest to you, your prospects will probably be interested in the subject, too
  7. Share something historically significant about your industry – historical tidbits and trivia appeal to human interest and demonstrate you are knowledgeable and experienced.
  8. Create an share a how-to video – demonstrate a process or procedure with a video and promote it in your blog.
  9. Introduce team members – getting to know the people on your team will help to build familiarity and trust between you and your prospects.
  10. Take a reader poll – ask readers which of your products they like the best or what services they prefer; people like to share their opinion.
  11. Talk about one of your business philosophies – write a post that helps your customers know what is important to you and why they should trust you.
  12. Discuss industry trends – demonstrate your position as an industry leader by sharing your insights about your market.

For more help with business blogging, download our free guide, Simple Blogging Best Practices.


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