3 Ways to Beat Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

Have you noticed on a Facebook business page you manage that engagement has declined or the “people saw” numbers are lower? That is because of Facebook’s new algorithm. Facebook is on a mission to give their users what they want. In other words, they will only push out content with which they think their users will engage. The next question to pop into your brain is likely to be, “how will they determine what is engaging material?” Well, there are over 200 factors that determine which posts will be pushed out and in effect dictate how to create an engaging post. Below are three primary ways you can beat Facebook’s new algorithm.

1. Don’t “like bait”! Facebook will be able to index words such as, “like”, “comment” or “share” in the text of post. For example, text such as “hit share if you think this is funny” is considered like baiting. Facebook will recognize this and not push out the post. They are trying to give users what they want to see, rather than force content on them. Facebook looks at this component the way Google looks at spam – they sniff it out and bury it, or remove it all together.

2. Understand your audience! It has always been important to know your active public, but with the algorithm update, you are going to want to know them much better. Understanding your audience will help you better select content for your postings. Do they prefer funny posts, serious posts or politics? Understanding what works for them will help you create engaging copy without resorting to like baiting. It’s a double whammy win for the marketers!

3. Engage with your fans! This may seem like a “well, duh” to you, but engaging with your fans will help the overall posting engagement. For example, if someone commented on a recent post, be sure to stay on top of your game and like the comment right away or comment back right away. Stimulating more of a “real time” engagement with the fan will make them feel special. It will encourage them to continue to connect with your page. It is also a good idea to connect with our local businesses in your area by liking their page and material. They will normally like your page and material in return.

There you have it, social media marketing friends. While Facebook may be selecting the content it pushes out, you do not necessarily have to pay to boost a post or advertise. We are here to tell you that a little savvy goes a long way, and being savvy is what social media marketing success is all about!

If you’d like some assistance with your Facebook marketing, or any other social media marketing campaigns, give us a call!

PR Tips: Ideas for Everyone

PR Tips: Ideas for Everyone

There is a quote that states, “Everything you do or say is public relations,” and this is a 100% truth! Here are 4 simple ways you can improve your company’s brand and public relations.

1. Keep Your Eyes Open!

Always be looking for opportunities within your company, and within the community to better your reputation and publicize it! A simple donation to a local charity should never go without a little recognition so go ahead, brag about your support! Have your marketing department add a small paragraph and link on your social media outlets as well as your website. This will not only show your community support but also send a little publicity the charity as well. It’s a win/win!

2. Get into a Relationship

Create relationships with local media. A great way to do this is by following their social media, and reaching out to the local reporters and newspapers by sending a snack to the office. Food is a great way to butter up a company for the next time you have a press release that needs to be read and printed.

3. Optimize and Update!

New service or product to the company? Make sure to update your best marketing tool, your website! Create quality content, add it, talk about it to customers, spread the information through word-of-mouth marketing internally, add it to social media and make sure to keep all information current!

4. Create Your “Brand”

Think about what sets your company apart from everyone else in the market. Take that advantage and create your brand around it. You can develop a phrase, logo or both and start using it in everything company related so you are known as the “_____” company. This can also be enhanced through creating a stand out, complimentary color scheme that is unique to your brand and also incorporating that. Finally, internalize this phrase, motto, or slogan and ensure it is also a company belief among fellow employees.

Social Media Week Chicago 2013

Social Media Week Chicago 2013

I had the privilege of attending Social Media Week Chicago 2013 two weeks ago and was overwhelmed by the forward thinking, informed leaders in the social media and digital marketing community with whom I made connections. #SMW is a mostly free conference held over 5 days on 4 different continents and features professionals and industry leaders simultaneously sharing knowledge with one another.

It was humbling to be in rooms and take part in a few of the 181 seminars with leaders from some of the largest communications firms in the world and find that Upright Communications is right on track. Here are my highlights from the events:


Content Marketing that Wins: Making Brands, Readers AND Google Happy.

1.       Build consumer trust through useful content.

To build your audience’s trust and create a meaningful relationship, write your content with the reader in mind, not metrics. In this, quality over quantity really speaks volumes of your brand.

2.       Create consumer action.

Great content can be its own well-oiled machine if it has the consumers’ needs in mind. If content speaks to your audience they will answer with a click, a comment, or a recommendation, and it will move them to take action.

3.       Satisfy a brands business needs.

Social media needs to have a strategy carefully planned around your business goals and needs. From raising brand awareness to increasing sales, your goals should be clearly set in order to take steps to obtain the results you desire.

“Never sacrifice the quality of your copy for the sake of search engines.”

 – Matt Cutts, Google Webspam Team

Bottom line: SEO can’t be the end all be all of a marketing plan, but rather a carefully implemented part of the overall strategy and driving force. Integrating social media, great content, and sharing it will add credibility to your brand in the eyes of a consumer. So create your brand through digital marketing, tell your story and drive your goals.


Social Media is Bullsh*t: The Real Value of Social Media 


In the middle of downtown Chicago’s old Library, B.J Mendelson, author of Social Media Is Bullshit challenged the crowd to see social media as what it is, should be, could be and how it is actually used. He also gave a little lesson in logic, honesty and colorful language.

Did you know? A  Facebook status lives for about 11 minutes, and a tweet lives an even shorter lifespan before dying in the newsfeeds and waves of other posts.

SO? Take it offline. Research everything on your consumer, know what they like, and what they don’t so you are able to create content based upon what they do like. Have a conversation with them by reaching out via tweet and not just responding to an inquiry or the negative review.

ABGD: Always Be Gathering Data. Then use that data! The more you know the more you can relate and understand your audience needs.

AARR: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral. These are the basics of word-of-mouth or viral marketing. Engage with a customer, activate their knowledge of your business, retain with customer service and gain a new customer with a referral. The marketing circle of life!

Bottom Line: 93% of word of mouth marketing is offline according to Jonah Berger and his bestseller, Contagious: Why Things Catch On. Social media provides us real life opportunities to connect with people we have never met and share information about our business and beliefs and we should take advantage of it. It should not be used as another way to vaguely connect but a chance at an introduction to become personally acquainted.


Highly Recommended: Harnessing the Power of Word-of-Mouth and Social Media to Build Your Brand

Paul M. Rand gave a stirring sermon regarding how social media has changed the dynamic of the way businesses are being run today. Recommendations are seen as the new key measure of determining if products, services and businesses are successful. Social media now allows for every aspect of a company to be openly discussed, critiqued, or praised, and the companies that understand how to manage this to their favor will come out on top.

The Science of Social Proof: 91% of consumers make a recommendation after a positive experience and 49% of people say they recommend a business to help guide someone else, according to Paul M. Rand. Paul continued by citing an example of visiting a common business like a grocery store while seeing a client out of town. The client went on to recommend a particular grocery store, raving and recommending this specific store for 30 minutes. It was the experience that kept this consumer coming back to visit and with the right mentality; businesses can emulate this to their advantage.

Bottom Line: Create an experience. We all have a preference based upon experience for almost everything. Make it your business to make your business someone’s preference and hopefully their next recommendation.

#1 Ranked Facebook takes Social Media to a New Level

According to research done by Experian® Hitwise®, a part of Experian Marketing Services, Facebook claims the top-visited website title for 2010 for the first time, unseating the search engine giant, Google. According to the report, 8.93 percent of all website visits in the US were to Facebook.com, surpassing the 7.19 percent of visits made to Google.com. Mail.yahoo.com snagged the number three spot with 3.52 percent of all visits.

Looking at the combination of Google and Yahoo properties presents a slightly different view, with total Google sites pulling 9.85 percent of all US visits, and Yahoo properties accounting for 8.12 percent. This, however, does not diminish the significance of Facebook’s accomplishment as the social networking site that pressed its way past the major search engines. Facebook had a fantastic year in terms of search terms, as well. Four of the top ten most typed in searches were Facebook related, including the number one and two terms, “facebook” and “facebook login.”

The stellar performance of Facebook likely accounts for the latest buzz about huge new investors and the possibility of future public offerings . All of the success and growth potential of Facebook indicates that it is no flash in the pan. At least for the immediate future, Facebook will remain a key player in the world of internet communication, and thus a vital tool for online marketing.

According to research done by comScore, Facebook serves almost 25% of all US internet display advertising. In a recent article, Search Engine Land suggests areas of potential Facebook growth following new investments:

“Mobile advertising is one obvious place, e-commerce is another (shopping is a big opportunity for Facebook) and local is a third opportunity. But search might also be another place that Facebook inevitably turns.”

What all of this ultimately means for small business marketers is that social media is a marketing asset that should not be dismissed or overlooked. As the popularity and presence of Facebook continues to grow, so will the opportunities for savvy businesses to leverage the power of social media. Read more about Facebook marketing.

Friday Funk: Time Traveler or Smart Social Media Marketer?

Just in time for Halloween, there is a spooky new story circulating throughout the internet involving time travel. An Irish film maker claims to have found footage of an old woman using a cell phone in the extra features on his DVD of the Charlie Chaplin film, Circus. His story has been covered everywhere, from blogs to major news networks, including links to the 1928 footage he posted on YouTube.

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Friday Funk: IKEA Engages Fans in the Facebook Showroom

If you’re lucky enough to live in a city that has an IKEA store, then you may have taken a trip inside their massive building and viewed the showrooms chock full of stylish furniture and accessories. I’ll be the first to admit that Cincinnati got a little better the day the IKEA opened. And yes, sometimes I go there just for the Swedish Meatballs. Don’t judge me.

But those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to live near this giant showroom and warehouse of Swedish furnishings and treats, still deserve to get as close to the IKEA experience as possible. And IKEA seemingly thought this exact thing when they made a brilliant move with their Facebook Showroom. Check out the video to see how they did it. And if you have a Facebook page for your business, perhaps IKEA’s story will get your creative juices flowing. Me? I’m gonna take a trip to get some meatballs this weekend. Mmmmmm meatballs.

UPDATED: Design Background for NEW Twitter Dimensions

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Twitter Background Musts

Your Twitter background is the core of your Profile’s marketing efforts.  If using your account for business (vs. personal) use, a template background is just not enough.  Specifically, you must have a custom background that integrates these 4 features:

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