#1 Ranked Facebook takes Social Media to a New Level

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According to research done by Experian® Hitwise®, a part of Experian Marketing Services, Facebook claims the top-visited website title for 2010 for the first time, unseating the search engine giant, Google. According to the report, 8.93 percent of all website visits in the US were to Facebook.com, surpassing the 7.19 percent of visits made to Google.com…. Read more »

Friday Fun: Time Traveler or Smart Social Media Marketer?

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Just in time for Halloween, there is a spooky new story circulating throughout the internet involving time travel. An Irish film maker claims to have found footage of an old woman using a cell phone in the extra features on his DVD of the Charlie Chaplin film, Circus. His story has been covered everywhere, from blogs to major news networks, including links to the 1928 footage he posted on YouTube.

UPDATED: Design Background for NEW Twitter Dimensions

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We’re a growing resource for people using Twitter to benefit their business.  Just started Tweeting?  Search our past blog posts for useful tips.  Don’t have a Twitter account yet?  We have a great starter’s manual.  Email me at eric@walkupright.com for more information. Twitter Background Musts Your Twitter background is the core of your Profile’s marketing… Read more »