Friday Funk – How the Lolcats Engaged Me

I wouldn’t call myself a cat person. But since I’ve seen the Lolcats, I totally want to buy a cat and take pictures of it doing funny things so I can add captions in broken English and upload it to the I Can Has Cheezburger site.

What you see at “I Can Has Cheezburger” is a classic example of a site that’s created something catchy and funny and because of it’s hilarious and entertaining nature, they are getting inbound links like crazy! See… there’s one above!

What’s the message here? Vell, I tells u da messaze. (Man, that lolspeak is catchy.) Getting links to your site is important and it’s hard work. But it doesn’t have to be as boring and tedious as it sometimes seems. Like a broken record, we keep chanting the link-building mantra: “create something engaging”. I feel like a Star Trek fanatic, running around the office all the time yelling “Engage! Engage!”

But creating engaging content is what gets people to your site. It’s what gets other sites to link to you and if you do it right, it will bring quality traffic that converts! So put down that list of 8000 backlinks to your top competitors for a while, and spend a little time brainstorming for some creative ideas to build engaging content on your site.  Your brain will thank you. Your visitors will thank you. And perhaps, somewhere out there, a kitty will thank you… or at least beg you for a cheeseburger.