SEO Basics – If You Build it RIGHT, They Will Come

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When you first built your site, did you have high hopes that “If you build it, they will come”? Sometimes website designers and site owners alike often get caught up in that field of internet dreams and forget the very important step of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It might have worked for Kevin Costner in… Read more »

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Get More Customers

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Today on the ShoeMoney Blog there was a great post by Brian Norgard called “5 Ways To Find & Acquire Customers On Twitter“. I recommend that you click over and read his blog post. But first, we’ll summarize what Brian said here, and add a few comments of our own on a few great ways… Read more »

Blogging and Social Networking – How to Create A Buzz

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Social media or social networking is basically a type of word of mouth marketing. You’re more likely to purchase a product or service, or become more loyal to a brand if you get a positive recommendation from a friend or family member. The internet has allowed us to expand this friend base to more than… Read more »

Optimizing for the Long Tail

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The long tail effect is what happens when your site starts ranking for a ton of keyword terms that you didn’t really focus on optimizing for. What’s cool about the long tail is that it can account for half or more of your traffic from the search engines. That’s right – 50% or more of… Read more »