Writing Effective Meta Descriptions

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In advising our clients on ways to improve their website visibility, we often find that including effective meta descriptions has been overlooked. Meta descriptions are very important for a few reasons. Adding meta descriptions to your website is a simple improvement that can greatly enhance not only rankings and visibility, but also increase the likelihood… Read more »

HARO – Share Your Business with the Media Today

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We are discovering an important new tool and are excited to share it with you.  It’s called HelpAReporter.com (HARO).  Visit this website and subscribe right now – you won’t regret it! What? Journalists who write blogs and books, for newspapers and magazines, use HARO to post their latest assignments.  Subscribers (like me) receive 2-3 emails… Read more »

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Get More Customers

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Today on the ShoeMoney Blog there was a great post by Brian Norgard called “5 Ways To Find & Acquire Customers On Twitter“. I recommend that you click over and read his blog post. But first, we’ll summarize what Brian said here, and add a few comments of our own on a few great ways… Read more »

Blogging and Social Networking – How to Create A Buzz

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Social media or social networking is basically a type of word of mouth marketing. You’re more likely to purchase a product or service, or become more loyal to a brand if you get a positive recommendation from a friend or family member. The internet has allowed us to expand this friend base to more than… Read more »

How to Spot a Bad SEO Firm

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Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting recently made an interesting post in his “Ramblings About SEO” blog titled “11 Ways to Recognize a Bad SEO Firm”. We liked it enough to share it with our readers as well. Here’s our summary of what he had to say, but you can also click the link above… Read more »

SMX Summary

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Summary of Upright Communications attendance at the Search Marketing Expo, including information on blended search, link building, local search, social media and blogging.