How does PPC Marketing fit into an overall marketing strategy?

How does PPC Marketing fit into an overall marketing strategy?

Pay-per-click advertising is a great fit for many markets, products, and services. PPC advertising gives you visibility in the highest page position and identifies you as a qualified source for customers who are in search of what you have to offer. PPC advertising has a proven track record as a highly effective marketing tool for a wide range of businesses. While PPC advertising does not directly impact rank in organic search results, in many cases it has established a stronger online presence for businesses, which in turn, has favorably influenced rank.

Question: Is PPC right for me?

Mobile devices account for 52% of paid search clicks
78% of companies spend the most money advertising their site through Google
The top 3 paid ad spots get 46% of the clicks on the page

Key Elements of PPC

A number of factors go into consideration during the keyword selection process for your PPC campaign. Keywords and keyword phrases used should be relevant to your website and commonly searched by your target audience. Addition things to think about are estimated keyword cost per click as it relates to your budget and what keywords your competitors are using.

Setting your budget is an important first step in creating a PPC campaign. Estimated traffic tools can assist you in determining what you can expect from various investments. Bidding options allow you to maintain your desired budget. As your campaign progresses, more data is collected, which allow you to make strategic adjustments to gain the most from your budget.

When a PPC user clicks on your ad, they will be directed to a designated landing page. It is critical to your campaign’s success to make sure the page is optimized and relevant to the keyword and ad text. As search engines like Google place more emphasis on mobile search, it is very important to have landing pages that feature responsive website design.

Have you ever looked at a webpage and noticed an ad for something you had just looked at on another website? What might seem like a crazy coincidence is actually a type of pay-per-click advertising called remarketing. Remarketing campaigns can be highly effective for generating leads that are even further along in the buying cycle and much closer to being ready to buy.

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