Buying Insights

Research indicates that B2B buyers will be over halfway to making a purchasing decision before they contact you.

So, if you can’t talk to the buyer and they won’t talk to you, what do you do? Most companies will guess at what the buyer wants. But if you’re looking to gain a huge advantage over your competitors, you need to know exactly what your buyers need and then show them that you meet those needs online.

And the only way to know how your buyers research and select vendors is to ask them. We do just that for you with our 5 Rings of Buying Insight TM process.

The 5 Rings of Buyer Insight™ is a proven system for interviewing buyers to understand the exact information they need to buy from you.

5 Rings of Buyer Insight

Learn how your buyers think, and influence their purchasing decision.

What expectations do they have about your product/service?
What are the buyer’s decision criteria, in order of priority?
How do your buyers qualify or disqualify vendors?
Why did they choose a competitor over you [hint: it wasn’t price]
Interviewing your buyers and understanding what’s important to them is the best way to inform your sales strategy and content development.

Learn how interviewing 10 buyers – both those who recently bought from you and who also bought from a competitor – can make a big impact on your revenues.

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