Your website can be your top sales person

Your website can be your top sales person

The fact that Google has over 100 billion searches a month indicates how the behavior of buyers has changed. Whether your focus is B2C or B2B marketing, you can no longer effectively reach buyers through methods like direct mail and telemarketing. The fact that your prospects are turning to online search to find companies like yours, means that your greatest revenue generation potential lies with your website.

See what your website can do

Put your actual numbers into the calculator next door and then increase the visits or contact conversion rate to see what can change. That’s where we help!

Revenue Generation Calculation

Monthly Website Visitors
Monthly Website Leads
Close Rate
Revenue Per Sale

Conversion Rate

Monthly Sales

Monthly Revenue

It could be…

with 30% increase in website visits

with 1% increase in conversion rate

with 30% increase in website visits and 1% increase in conversion rate

Traditional versus Today

Traditional marketing relied on tools like sales calls, direct marketing, and advertising messages. Today’s buyers are basically immune to these types of sales tactics because they are either blocked or ignored. The marketplace of today is largely online, and search oriented. In many respects, your best sales person is now your website. Effective website development is critical for establishing your voice in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

“Traditional marketing – including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications – is dead. Many people in traditional marketing roles and organizations may not realize that they’re operating within a dead paradigm.”
Bill Lee, Harvard Business Review
Millennials are changing marketing

Millennials are changing marketing

According to Forbes, Millennials represent about a fourth of the US population, and over $200 billion in annual buying power. They are taking their place in the economy, and redefining the sales landscape. While only 1% of Millennials surveyed said that they were influenced by advertising, 33 % said they read blogs to inform their purchasing decisions. 43% reported that they value authenticity above content, meaning that trust must be established before they even consider the message.

The power of technology

Millennials’ relationship with technology has completely changed their relationships, both personal and professional. While marketing for B2B companies had been a one-way conversation, it has become a multifaceted, 24/7 dialogue between brands and their customers. You have to meet this audience on their terms.