Not all qualified leads will quickly convert into buyers. 50% of qualified leads are prospects who are not immediately ready to buy. If you press too hard to make the sale before buyers are ready to purchase, you risk losing not only the sale, but the relationship. Lead nurturing campaigns are about understanding the needs and timing of your prospects, and staying on the minds of buyers so you can comfortably lead them to the sale.

Consider how long the buying process takes for your typical customer. Use that as a guide in determining your messaging and timing. The lead nurturing process allows you to get to know your prospects, so you can understand and address their needs. Ask questions about the challenges they are facing and what information they find most helpful. This phase presents a great opportunity to educate and qualify the buyer so that when the timing is right, the sale is an easy conversion.

How does lead nurturing differ from email blasts? Lead nurturing involves a series of connected emails that have a direct purpose and offer content specifically related to the buyer’s needs. By including a call-to-action with your message you can gain additional insights about your prospects. For example, you can offer a free download link for an e-book that specifically relates to the buyer’s concerns or interests. Not only will the click on that link tell you more about your prospect, monitoring click numbers is a good way to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Lead nurturing campaigns involve a responsive approach that guides a lead to sales- readiness.

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Lead Nurturing Campaigns
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