Your buyer’s behavior has changed. The old tried and true methods like direct mail and telemarketing are no longer working. 90% of the time your prospects are turning to search engines to find a company like yours. Google is used for over 100 billion searches a month. Your job is no longer trying to find prospects, but instead to help prospects find you on search engines.

How do you get found? You start by predicting the keyword phrases your prospective customers will type into search engines. Start the process by asking your customers and prospects what keywords they would use. Brainstorm with your sales staff to get more keyword ideas. Take advantage of some of the free online search tools that report how many searches are done monthly for specific keywords.

Once you’ve selected your target keywords, you have to optimize and focus your website content around those phrases. We recommend strategies such as developing individual pages that center on one keyword phrase. Writing blog posts that focus on a single keyword is another effective approach. You must also be sure you have done on-page and off-page search engine optimization to give yourself the best chance of being found on the first page.

Upright has led many clients through this process and achieved phenomenal results. See our case study below.

Case Study
The Power of Search
Southern Tank grew from a regional company serving 9 states to a national company serving 50 states!

When we met Southern Tank in 2007, they had sold their products into 9 states around their facility in Owensboro, Ky.

They honestly believed that this was their total market area because of shipping expense and local competition. Early this year they finally shipped a tank to South Dakota and now they have customers in all 50 states.

Southern Tank
Significantly increase the number of qualified visitors to their website
Our Solution
Optimize the site for search by adding focused content
Visitors went from 250 to over 4,000 a month

Southern Tank regional map

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