The pressure to bring in new customers and grow business is always on. When we talk with clients, the common complaint seems to be that they don’t get the number of leads they used to, or the leads they get aren’t very qualified. Typically they point to at least one major competitor who is doing a much better job online than they are. Instead of growing, they feel like they are falling behind.

Marketing strategies that were once reliable don’t seem to be effective anymore. Direct mail, telemarketing and cold calls are a thing of the past. Your prospects hide behind voicemail and email. It’s almost impossible to get to reach and actually talk to them. We’ve all become really good at tuning out intrusive advertising tactics:

  • 86% skip DVR TV ads
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened
  • 200 million people are on the Do Not Call List

The internet has redefined the way people buy. If you don’t change the way you go after new business you’ll be left behind.

At Upright, our focus in on transforming the marketing process to help our clients acquire new customers. Through our extensive experience and commitment to staying ahead of online marketing technology and trends, we are ready to assist you with a customized, results-driven plan to grow your business.

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