Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

Do you have a digital marketing strategy?

If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, is it because you don’t think you need one or because you’re not sure how to create one? Without a solid strategy, marketing efforts are hit or miss, and mostly miss. Yet, some 85% of small and medium-sized business do not have a written marketing strategy document. While most realize a strategy is important, they often do not have one because:

It’s hard to do and takes time to do right

They are not sure where to start

They are not sure what a strategy looks like, or what’s included

Pro Tip: If your marketing strategy isn’t in writing, you really don’t have one.

Strategy before tactics

The fact is, the Internet has dramatically changed the way your buyers buy. Consumers want to do their own research. They are hard to reach. They don’t respond to old tactics like direct mail and telemarketing. Without a digital marketing strategy, it will be very hard for you to connect with prospects and win them as clients.

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develop your strategy

It’s not too late to develop your strategy

If your New Year’s resolution – back in 2014 – was to create a marketing strategy and plan, it’s not too late. Let’s work together to create a customer-focused strategy that:

identifies what is important to your buyers

details their buying process and how to engage them

differentiates your product or service

prioritizes your budget to use the most effective tactics

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