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Give ThanksWith Thanksgiving and other holidays right around the corner, the Upright Team got to thinking and realized there’s so much to be grateful for. Of course, we are passionate about digital marketing and website optimization, but if it wasn’t for our exceptional clients our jobs just wouldn’t be the same. Working with invested, curious, and impressive individuals make our day-to-day interactions all that more exciting and fun.

We went around the office and asked Upright members to speak to what they’re most thankful for and anything else they wanted to add. We hope you enjoy reading this post just as much as we enjoyed creating it.


GregTwo things that I’m really thankful for are family and friends!

Starting with family, we are blessed.  Everyone is healthy and doing well to navigate the challenges that life throws at us from time to time!  We continue to try to do our best, be humble and considerate, explore new options and opportunities, spoil a new grandson….and celebrate overall good fortune which adds up to many blessings.   

We continue to have many friends, some old and some new, neighbors, high school classmates and business associates who we stay in touch with to celebrate another good year as we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


BartJust about a year ago, we were blessed with our first grandchild; and I say blessed because the kid is incredible! I would never have thought that bringing a little poop machine into our lives would have such profound effect. Not only do we love spending time with young Calvin, but we are also seeing his mom and dad more often as well, and that has been great. It is so much fun watching Calvin experience new things and actually learn from them. He’s a bright, talented, happy kid and we couldn’t be more thankful for having him in our lives!


EmmaOf course, the first two things that come to mind when November rolls around are Thanksgiving and FOOD. Growing up, I’ve been more than blessed being able to spend the fall and winter holidays with both sides of family. Thanksgiving break involved packing the car up, driving up to Northern Michigan, and watching football with family.

This year, I’m most thankful for optimism. Optimism is something that I live by and I believe it’s the sole reason I’ve lived such a happy, exciting, and healthy life. Life has its ups and downs which typically is out of our control, but thankfully we are able to control our attitudes and mindsets. I’m no expert, but I can guarantee that if you approach a bad situation with a positive outlook, you will be surprised by the outcome. I’ve noticed that I’m naturally drawn to positive people, so this is something I’ve been working towards: being the most positive and upbeat person in the room.


I am so grateful for our clients. Every day our customers bring new ideas and a fresh perspective on what it takes for a business to succeed online today. I’m also thankful for the 10 years I’ve worked at Upright, and the opportunities I’ve had in working with a really talented team here. I have so many happy memories! In sitting down at Thanksgiving dinner, I’m grateful for the abundant food that comes from the earth in the fall harvest (thank you, farmers and growers!), and the importance of our stewardship over our planet.  To me, Thanksgiving is a powerful reminder of how the earth gives us everything.


ColleenThanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays! It brings me back to the time when we would all gather round the tables of our family members and overeat, play sports in the backyard & all in all just be together to enjoy each other’s company. This year, I’m very thankful for the ability to ‘change’ (whatever that may be… change our minds, change our hair, change where we live…) I’m a change junkie at heart (I cannot tell you how many dang hairstyles I’ve had in the timespan of 1 year…or how many times I’ve changed up the look of our home…), but I know the value of change and how lucky I am to be able to do it. There are many occasions where folks don’t have the ability, finances or motivation for necessary change & I thank my lucky stars that I do.

And because I’m that crazy cat lady (Yaya is my cat’s name) who loves a good inspirational quote, I’ll leave you with this…. ‘One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain’. – Rick Godwin


DianaI have much to be thankful for this and every year:  a loving family and an incredible circle of friends who keep me smiling every day. I thought that life would get less hectic once we became empty nesters, but it hasn’t – we are just busy in different ways. Making an effort to keep in touch with the people who mean the most to me is a huge part of what I am most thankful for. Whether it be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our family and extended family, or meeting friends for coffee, drinks or dinner, these are the times when I feel truly blessed. My cup runneth over! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Tyler2018 has been a rollercoaster year for me and my loved ones in many ways.  It’s had some of our highest highs and some of our lowest lows. It has certainly made me thankful for the incredible people I get to share my life with.  We have had the chance to celebrate some of life’s absolutely greatest joys, but also had to bear some of the hard stuff as well. Through it all, I am reminded of the unbreakable bonds we are fortunate enough to share with family and friends.  I am lucky to have some of the most wonderful people ever made in my life. That’s what I’m thankful for.


ErinThis year I am thankful for so many blessings, including a new baby granddaughter, who will turn one this month. I have a wonderful family, great friends, and a job I truly enjoy. (What is there not to be thankful for?) This year, like each previous year, has included plenty of trials and heartaches, along with the blessings. But every single year, I am amazed to look back and see how God has provided through it all. I am beyond grateful for His steadfast love and provision.


KeelyThis year I’m aware of the many opportunities that are presented to us each day and the freedom we have to explore them. I’m thankful that I am able to learn and discover new things, constantly growing and improving.  And along with the new, I’m grateful for the tried and true in my life as well. My husband and I celebrated 25 years of marriage by renewing our vows this year. I am especially thankful for our long-lasting relationship and sharing the joy of raising our teenage sons together.

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