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People want good customer service, its true!

BlogWhen choosing an establishment to do business with, we expect good customer service. When good customer service happens, we are grateful and thankful for the employee who went above and beyond their call of duty. As they say, “happy customers are a result of happy employees.” We have all been there, confused as to why the employee is rude or treating the customer poorly. We scratch our heads and either voice our opinions or chalk it up to the person is having a bad day. Let’s take a moment to reflect on customer service gone all wrong.

What happens when the customer isn’t happy? A list of things can occur. One of them being that they could go viral with their issues. Like the fella who was mad at United Airlines for breaking his guitar and United Airlines decided not to compensate for the damage of his Taylor Guitar, even AFTER the video went viral. This is a company’s worst nightmare. Or, they may just request a supervisor to vent too.

What happens when an unhappy employee goes viral? This just means reputation management for the organization. Similar to the fellas who worked for Walmart that recorded themselves throwing new iPads across the storage area. Walmart spokesperson told NBC that the video made them “wince.” The spokesperson went into detail that the employees no longer work for Walmart.

At Upright Communications, we are very humbled to say that we have happy employees and happy customers. We do our best to always put the customer’s best interest at the forefront. Our staff does all that they can to make themselves readily available for the client and if something isn’t quite right then Upright will make it right.

What happens when the customer is wrong? Like the gent who purchased a pizza at a supermarket only to find that it didn’t have any toppings, not even tomato sauce. The gent contacted the supermarket and the employee encouraged the customer to return the pizza. The customer was not happy with this answer and asked for a pizza to be delivered to him. The supermarket employee said that wasn’t possible and continued to encourage the customer to return the pizza to the supermarket. However, if Upright Communications was a supermarket – we would have sent that gent a pizza. Even after he realized he opened the pizza box upside down.

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