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Upright Spotlight: Hague Water Redesigned Website

Upright is excited to showcase another new successful client website launch – the recently updated and redesigned Hague Water website. The new Hague Water website features new and expanded information on the company’s comprehensive line of products and services. Details include product features and specifications presented in an easy-to-reference format.

About Hague Water

Hague Quality Water International exports water treatment solutions to over 50 countries and is now the longest standing water treatment manufacturer in the United States.

About the Project

Hague Water wanted the site to be designed for easy navigation with in depth information on their industry-leading equipment technology. Hague also wanted the new website to be mobile-friendly and present well on desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Information, specs, and images are readily available for each of the company’s water softeners and water filters. Products include:

In addition to products and services, the new website provides many helpful educational features such as:

Find Your Product – showing the benefits of each Hague system, making it easy to compare
How a Water Softener Works – information about how water softeners transform tap water
Myth vs Fact – facts versus common misconceptions
Common Water Problems – causes of common tap water problems explained

Hague wanted the new site to be a source of information for both customers and Hague independent dealers. The log-in dealer section of the site provides access to marketing, sales, and technical information, as well as videos. For customers, the site will help users identify their water problem and find a dealer in their area who can solve it.

Upright Communications is proud to collaborate with hard-working businesses like Hague, to help them leverage the power of successful digital marketing strategies.