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With only one week to go before Christmas, you may be thinking that there’s no time left to send holiday greetings to your clients or customers. But thanks to the magic of Google it’s not too late! With a new Google Maps app, you can create your own e-cards by selecting from 10 holiday covers, and even personalize them with a special message and Google Street View image of your business. Create your card in four simple steps, and send it to up to ten recipients at a time.

E-greeting cards feature many advantages over traditional paper cards, such as:

  • Free, or available for a modest cost
  • Environmentally friendly, no paper waste
  • Delivered instantly
  • Customizable

For more e-greeting options, check out the websites listed below. Have your own favorite site? Please comment and share it!


123Greetings offers a wide selection of e-cards ranging from cute and funny to the traditional and the classic.


CorpNote offers unique card designs, customizable features and professional delivery. Free e-Cards are limited to 10 per day.

Vintage Christmas E-Cards

Vintage Christmas E-Cards allows you to send virtual nostalgic Christmas postcards e-mailed as e-greeting cards.

Katie’s Cards

A selection of e cards especially animated to spread Christmas cheer to all without leaving a carbon footprint.


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