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Business bloggingBusiness blogging is a great way to add new content to your website, while also giving your customers and prospects a reason to visit your website.  Posts with interesting and useful information will establish your website as a helpful resource, and establish a positive image for your business. Unfortunately, coming up with blog post ideas can be challenging, so it is all too easy to let your business blog fall by the wayside.

One of the keys to making your blog successful is posting consistently.  A blog with outdated or infrequent posts will create a negative and unprofessional impression of your business.  It is important to develop a plan and schedule for your posts to make sure your blog stays on track. (more…)

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1-Star ReviewReceiving negative feedback in any shape or form is inevitable.  Things go wrong, people have bad days, yada yada, but how you handle the negative feedback is what can make or break the resolution. It’s said that it is 25 times more expensive for a company to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, making ongoing investments in customer satisfaction a priority. (more…)

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goalEach business should have a sales funnel and a strategy to make more money. It’s common for the most obvious strategy in a business to be overlooked or to be outdated. The sales funnel and goals will help your business stay on track and help your business thrive. Don’t forget to visit your sales funnel each quarter to evaluate if the current strategies are working out for the business goals.

So, where do you begin when creating a sales funnel? Here are a few tips to help you create your funnel! (more…)

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digital transformationDigital transformation – the phrase on the tip of every tongue.

It is a term to describe the massive shift in business activities caused by adopting digital technologies. A popular buzzword since 2014, the phrase “digital transformation” itself is confusing. Let us start by clearing misinformation.

Digital transformation is more easily understood as a passive phenomenon. It happens around you every day. As such, the goal of most businesses is not to digitally transform, per se, because that would suggest a single process with a beginning and end. Instead, digital transformation is occurring everywhere constantly, and businesses must make small and continuous changes in order to survive. (more…)

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Receiving negative feedback in any shape or form is inevitable.  Things go wrong, people have bad days, yada yada, but how you handle the negative feedback is what can make or break the resolution. It’s said that it is 25 times more expensive for a company to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, making ongoing investments in customer satisfaction a priority.

So instead of cringing and losing quality sleep over a negative review, see what it says and use it as an opportunity to retain that customer (if you want to keep them) and even improve your business. When customers are unhappy with your service, 94% will just never come back and it’s said that only 4% actually complain on a public forum. So with that knowledge, we should be really glad they complained to you instead of just jumping ship and never coming back. There are certainly some cases where the review is outlandish and you would rather just say ‘good riddance’ which is understandable, however there are situations where you can retain the customer and ‘make things right’. In fact, a complaint that is successfully solved will retain the customer 70% of the time! (more…)

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Once you get visitors to your site, you want to make sure they stay there. A high bounce rate (one and out visits) is viewed as a negative by search engines and is a missed opportunity for website leads or sales. An attractive, user-friendly website design is a must for keeping visitors on your site.

Paying attention to some simple, easy to implement website design strategies can go a long way in making sure your visitors are able to enjoy their experience on your website and will encourage repeat visits. (more…)

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It’s not easy for every business to grasp. Your website and your competitor’s website are nothing like billboards or TV ads that invade your life. Websites put your customer in control and when they’re done, one click and your website is gone. It can make online marketing difficult to grasp and easy to undervalue.  So, let’s make your website and search engine optimization (SEO) work alongside your current marketing plan.

Here are some statistics to prove its going to be important: (more…)

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writing contentTwenty years ago, if you opened a local business it was near impossible to compete with the big players in your industry who were well established in your community, but things have changed. Google changed everything! If you want a cheese burger, new business sign, office furniture, lawn care specialist, etc.… all you need to do is ask Google. Search engines have leveled the playing field and a small company can now have a fighting chance against the big-boys. However, just because your small or medium sized business has a website, doesn’t mean that the fight stops there; adding new and original content is your main weapon. (more…)

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A recently conducted survey reports that almost 55% of searchers don’t know which links in the search engine results page are Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Can you find The Google Ad Words PPC ads in Google’s results in the screen shot below?

I will say that I immediately noticed the tire shops in the snack-pack (the 3 local listings with their star ratings) and hardly noticed the Fletcher’s Tire ad at the top. (more…)

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Many local businesses face expanding competition from a growing number of big box stores and online retailers. It has become all too common for local consumers to visit a local business, benefit from the knowledge of sales person and the opportunity to examine stock, only to leave the store and go buy online. How can local businesses compete against online giants and national chain stores? One way is to woo buyers by touting the advantages of buying local.

Shopping within one’s own neighborhood offers buyers an opportunity to invest in their local economy and build community. When reaching out to prospects through marketing messages, local businesses should talk about more than a product – especially if big box or online competitors are selling the same, or a similar item. Local businesses should remind buyers that buying local means face-to-face customer service and support. The advantages of buying local can be promoted even further by integrating community benefits into the list of selling points. Social media postings can offer a great opportunity to do this. (more…)