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Most Visible Websites on Google in 2015

What were the most visible websites on Google in 2015? Which sites improved the most in Google top rankings?  A recent report published by Dr. Peter Meyers of Moz provides an interesting look. For the study, a 10,000-keyword daily Google tracker was used to determine the top domains with the most page-one Google real-estate. The report shows the brands that ranked in the top 10, as well as the most improved in terms of first page Google visibility.

MOZ top sites 2015


MOZ 2015 google winners


MOZ 2015 most improved


All of the MOZ data spans December 1, 2014–December 1, 2015. According to Dr. Meyers, Etsy is the big story of 2015:

“In addition to taking the #2 spot in total gains, they more than doubled their 2014 Google page-one real estate and rocketed from the #81 overall position in our data set to #31. Etsy and other niche online retailers will be the ones to watch in 2016.”

So, do these findings mean anything for other businesses who just want to make the most of online marketing and search engine rankings? The results of this study seem to indicate that Google continues to be focused on delivering search users the most helpful and specific results through the most relevant and informative websites. This is great news for companies that deliver quality products and services, and are willing to invest in developing a quality website.

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