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Your Business and Generation Z: Marketing to a New Generation

millennial generationGeneration Z is set to surpass Millennials in 2019 and make up the single largest population segment, comprising roughly 32% of the population. Together, Generation Z and Millennials make up half of the total media audience. But there are some key demographic differences between the two. The oldest Generation Z is 22, while the oldest Millennial is 38. Gen Z’ers have never lived without social media. They don’t know a world where social media doesn’t exist. Other generations grappled with finding a happy medium between social media and real life, but Gen Z’ers don’t have that problem. To them, social media is real life.

So how should you change your current marketing strategy?

63% of Gen Z prefers to see real people in ads over celebrities. Gen Z’ers want to see individuals that look like them being represented in advertisements and images. This is shown time and time again throughout their media habits and history. Gen Z’ers don’t want to see a mega-famous celebrity who has loads of money and looks nothing like them–they’d rather see a more relatable YouTube vlogger, someone their age who records videos featuring their morning routine and their favorite albums. They value accessibility as well. Influencers host “Instagram Lives”, a broadcasting service through Instagram that allows Gen Z’ers to ask questions directly to them in real time.

We see the representation factor on Facebook too. Generation Z is moving away from Facebook because no one their age uses it. Facebook is filled with “old people” and Gen Z’ers just can’t relate! Businesses should try to include Gen Z’ers throughout their marketing campaigns to compete.