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Google Ads Can Show On YouTube Search Results Now Too!

Google ads on youtube

Thanks to a new change, Google text ads will now be visible in YouTube. This is a major change. Learn what it means for your advertising campaigns and your reach.

What is Changing?

Google has several search partners, where paid ads can be seen. YouTube is the latest of these partners, which means that your Google text ads will now show up in YouTube search results. At present, users will only see Google text ads in mobile search; however, this may roll out across device types at a later date.

Why Is This Important?

Among adults age 18 to 44, 90 percent or greater use YouTube. Over half of adults 75+ also use YouTube. As this demographic data shows, your target audience is very likely on YouTube, whether your products appeal to Boomers, Gen Zers, or anyone in between. When your ads appear within YouTube search results, it’s just one more way to connect with your target audience.

YouTube has been testing this approach for the last several months and revealed that text ads are comparable to Google Search ads in their performance, and their cost-per-conversion basis.

If you would like your text ad campaigns to appear on YouTube, you will first need to opt into the Search Partners program. Once you’ve opted in, algorithms will take care of things for you. If someone searches YouTube via mobile device for a keyword that’s related to your campaigns, your ads may appear in the search stream.

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