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There are several of us on the Upright team that are obsessed with watching Game of Thrones on HBO every week. Most of us have read the books as well, but now that we’re well past where the books left off in most areas, it’s fun to pontificate on some of the big moments to come. Here are some of the most popular theories from our team:

SPOILER ALERT! We’ve watched all the shows and well, we could be right…

Game of Thrones: Upright Theories

Greg Barlow
I actually like where the TV show appears to be headed versus where the books seemed to be going. I seem to remember another Targaryen in the mix in the books that would just have complicated matters even more. So, here are my big predictions:

Jaimie Lannister – I think that Sir Jaimie is going to end up killing his sister Cersei, thereby earning the nickname “King and Queen Slayer”. She’s going to go off the deep end at some point with a “burn them all” kind of moment and Jaimie’s going to end it.

Drogon – I’m not sure if it’s Drogon, but we’re going to lose at least one dragon. It would be kind of cool if he woke from the dead with blue eyes too!

Jon Snow – It’s all going to come down to Jon, at least on the Night King side of things. I predict that Jon will have to become a White Walker himself to finally defeat the Night King. It only takes a piece of Dragon Glass to the heart by the wee folk, and we know that the dead can keep their humanity because of Jon’s uncle Benjen.

Jenn Sargeant
Self-proclaimed super fan who even attended the Game of Thrones concert and invited one of the performers to play at her wedding.

Arya’s List – I think she will have complications completing her list, especially when it comes to Beric Dondarrion. He seems to have some ‘fire power’ and could still have a big part to play. There is a promo image of him, Jon Snow and the Hound fighting a heap load of White Walkers. If Beric Dondarrion helps beat the White Walkers then he needs to live a bit longer.

Cersei’s Fate – When Cersei was younger she visited the witch in the woods and everything the witch predicted has come true. For example, she doesn’t marry Prince Rhaegar as she was promised and instead married King Robert, she became queen (the witch says for a time and then a younger and more beautiful will come to cast you down… Dany?) and she has 3 children with gold crowns. The books also say the witch in the woods told Cersei she will be killed by her little brother. Jamie is technically younger than Cersei, even though they are twins, and Tyrion is younger than Cersei too. However, I think that Arya will end up killing Jamie and she will use his face to kill Cersei.

The last Targaryen – Dany is not the last Targaryen.  She will be very surprised when she learns that there are more Targaryens in the world. Jon is a Targaryen, which was confirmed last season. There is a theory that Tyrion is a Targaryen and that his mother had an affair with the Mad King. If you think about it, Dany’s mom and Jon’s mom died during childbirth so it could be the same situation for Tyrion since Tyrion’s mom also died during childbirth.

Tyler Hoffman
I only read the first 3 books, which it turns out was enough because we’re off on our own now anyway! I do love to read all the wikis surround GOT and get everyone’s take on the events from show to show.

Beyond The Wall – We’re going to lose one or more of the key players in Jon’s troupe that headed north. I’m thinking Beric Dondarrion, but hopefully not the Hound because he’s my favorite character. The rest are going to be in serious trouble until Dany comes to the rescue on one of her dragons.

Fate of the Dragons – We’re going to lose two, hopefully not Drogon. Jon will get to ride Rhaegar for a while before Cersei kills him in some devious way. The Night King will probably get the other.

The Final Battle – will not take place at Winterfell, but outside King’s landing. Cersei will look like she’s helping but will, as is her nature, betray everyone for her own gain. Except that will be the end of her by someone very close to her.

We’re going to post information about our theories on Facebook soon, so visit our page and tell us what you think!

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