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We frequently hear advertisers in various industries say, “social media is great, but it really doesn’t apply to my market.” The story of Xceed Financial Federal Credit Union, as reported at Credit Unions Online, might make those reluctant marketers reconsider. Rather than deciding that social media was not relevant for their business, they found a way to make their business applicable to social media.

Financial advice and tutorials might not be the liveliest social media subject matter but Xceed is managing to use a variety of social outlets to gain a broader audience. Is the effort paying off? According to Senior Vice President Kathryn Davis, they see measurable results from promotions like the “BLING-BLING for Mom” message on their Facebook page promoting a discount at Zales using the Platinum Visa. She reports, “posts like the Mother’s Day discount entry produce almost a 200% increase in activity. We get the highest response when we weave a current event or something happening in the news into our offerings.”

For today’s Friday Fun, we’d like to share an episode of “The Cube” a humorous series reminiscent of The Office that Xceed features on their social website, It’s fun to watch, you’ll learn how to calculate your net worth, and you may even be inspired to create your own social media gem!