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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a certain guy we all know is doing his best to woo a certain girl we all know by pulling out all of the social media stops. Attempting to rekindle a romance that began half a century ago, this old timer is using all of the newest ways to play on his sweetheart’s affections, but so far she seems to be just toying with him.

Barbie and Ken have been the most famous couple in the toy box for decades. Now they are making a high tech comeback with Ken’s social media campaign to win back Barbie’s heart.  If you didn’t even know they broke up, or that Ken’s last name is Carson, you are probably not one of Barbie’s 1,719,402 Facebook page fans, or one of Ken’s 7,153 Twitter followers. Ken’s social media blitz has included tweets, postings, updates, and YouTube videos, as well as non-digital advertising, including a billboard valentine. While Ken works to win back Barbie, Mattel, their creator, and world’s largest toy manufacturer, is taking advantage of the situation to promote the new Sweet Talkin’ Ken doll. He’s described as the “ultimate boyfriend” because he “says what you want him to say” by recording phrases and playing them back in high, low or normal pitch. It may seem a little wimpy of Ken, but after all, he’s a “doll –  not an action figure.”

Ken hopes to win back Barbie in time for Valentine’s Day. Do fans think he has a chance? Check the Barbie and Ken Love-O-Meter or cast your own vote at their official website. For more on Mattel’s Ken and Barbie campaign, get the full story here as reported by

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