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How to Gain Business Reviews

Gaining business reviews is incredibly helpful for gaining more business. Of course, you’ll want to get all the positive reviews that you can. Reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, etc., are helpful for when a potential customer is shopping around and stumbles upon your business online. A glowing amount of reviews will instill their trust in you before they even make an action, such as a phone call. The big question is… how do we get reviews?

Five Stars (more…)

Does Facebook have SEO Leverage?

Yes! Small medium business owners (and SEO professionals) everywhere are celebrating this new development. Finally, Facebook postings and videos now populate in Google. This is a really big, groundbreaking development for SEO and business owners.

For the longest time the only social media platforms that offered some sort of SEO leverage were YouTube and Google + (of course both of which are owned by Google). Up until recently (and by recently as of February 1, 2016) Facebook posts and videos are returning search results in Google.  Keep in mind that these posts are nicely optimized and support some sort of keyword strategy. Not just a random meme that was shared on the page but a post with substance that will generate search results. (more…)

Google Local Search Update

By now you may have noticed a change in Google’s local search results.  On August 6th, Google released an update to the way in which it displays business options for locally focused searches. The primary change is that we no longer see the familiar 5-pack or 7-pack of results because Google has reduced the pack to three featured businesses. It is also no longer showing the phone numbers for the businesses.

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Learn Where You Stand!

Local search visibility grows increasingly important as “near me” searches on Google continue to rise. Your potential customers may be looking for you at home or work on their desktop computers, or they may be using their cell phone or tablet while they’re on the go! In fact, Google confirmed earlier this year that mobile searches have officially overtaken desktop on its search engine.

In other words, people who use Google are looking for your business, often while they’re out and about!

Here’s how to make sure your business appears in search engine results consistently and completely. (more…)

Create a Google Plus Page for your Business

You’re a busy businessperson. You don’t have time to read commentary and speculation on the future of Google+ (or you can read our blog ;-)). You just want to know how to create a solid Google+ Page for your business. Because it gives your business vital local visibility. And you’re smart like that.

Let’s proceed with these easy-to-follow instructions! (more…)

The Local Search Advantage You May Be Missing

google_plusAppearing in a top position on the first page of search results is a key SEO goal for any online marketer. This quest is especially important for businesses targeting local search gains, whose customers rely primarily on local search to find goods and services they need.

When it comes to Google search, your  business Google+ Local presence is your key to gaining a coveted position in the featured two-pack, three-pack or six-pack of results. Google+ Local is an essential component in local search engine optimization strategies, primarily because the platform drives the results on the maps listing.  Upright Communications has observed a positive correlation between strategic use of Google+ Local and keyword performance. According to local search specialist, Jenn Johnson: (more…)

Make the Most of Local Listings

Local listings are one of the most important elements of online marketing. In fact, having a consistent message on local listings is just as important has having a user friendly website. Your website and listings work in unison. There are a things to avoid when working on local listings and a few things you should always do.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your local listings. (more…)

Trendsetting for Local Marketing 2015

Urpgith Blog imgae

20152015 is only 13 days away and if you are like most people, you haven’t even thought past what to make for the holiday party at (insert your gathering here). Well, you won’t have to think too hard because I am here to update you on what to expect for local marketing in 2015 and how to stay one step ahead.

More consumers use mobile devices for search, purchase, payment, booking and scheduling. (more…)

‘Google My Business’ Wish List

As many of you already know, Google has rolled out their latest My Business update.  Google has finally merged Google Plus and Google Places into one! You can now update all of your businesses in one location, plus much more.  It has seemingly done a nice job of solving issues that have been lingering since 2011 in the local realm.  However, as Mike Blumenthal, our friend and colleague, points out in his recent blog, we still would like to see even more upgrades to the platform.


Here are a few wish list items that stood out to us: (more…)

Local Search – There’s No Place Like Home

As Dorothy discovered when searching for her heart’s desire, she did not have to look any further than her own backyard. This concept seems to be proving equally true for consumer search and online marketing. In order to find your future customers, you need to understand where they are looking for you.  As consumers are increasingly focused on convenience and efficiency, local search methods are being more widely used.

Search Engine Watch reports that U.S. mobile local advertising revenues are projected to grow substantially over the next five years. The article points to three main highlights:

  • U.S. mobile local advertising will grow from $664 million in 2011 to $5.8 billion in 2016, a CAGR of 54.2 percent.
  • This represents a 41 percent share of 2011 overall U.S mobile advertising ($1.6 billion) growing to 58 percent of 2016 mobile advertising ($9.9B).
  • Search is the largest mobile local revenue component and will remain so through the forecast period. It will grow at a 52 percent CAGR, from $390 million to $3.2 billion.

Small businesses can get a jump on this trend right now by establishing a solid local search presence. A great way to start is to make sure you a have a Google+ page for your business. This will improve your Google search rankings in two ways. First, Google recognizes when local results are most relevant for searches and shows Google+ local business pages near the top of the results. Second, for Google+ searches, businesses that have a Google+ local business page will have far less competition and distraction.

To get the most from your Google+ page, you will want to include as much engaging information as possible. Enticing photos, as well as business details, and positive reviews will all make your page more effective. While gathering information about your business make take some time, building good reviews will probably also take a little more effort. We’ll have more on this in an upcoming blog post.

Considering whether not you have the time to invest in building an online local presence with a Google+ local business page? Remember that when it comes to finding loyal customers, there’s no place like home.

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