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How Local Are You?

We’re really loving the fact that people are more inclined to support local businesses than in the past. We see more people searching for a local business over a big box store and that makes us happy. When our communities support local business, we support local economic growth and the goodness just snowballs in to town.

Local business owners continue to work hard each and every day to make sure their business is headed in the right direction. Upright Communications is happy to help local businesses and we’re always on a mission to show new tools to help local business owners. The newest tool we’d like to tell you about is the Nextdoor Neighbor app, also known as Nextdoor. (more…)

4 Ways to Make the Most of your Local PPC Campaign

Pay per click advertising can be extremely advantageous for local marketers. While some believe that PPC advertising is only beneficial for big-box or online retailers, many local retailers have discovered that online advertising brings name recognition, enhances credibility, and drives store traffic. It is important, however, to approach a local PPC campaign with specific local strategies and to continually monitor the campaign’s effectiveness to get the most from it.

Google research shows that shoppers are inspired to visit a local retail location after finding information such as store hours and location, or product availability and price.

“A common myth is that as a result of searching online, shoppers will only visit e-commerce sites. In reality, three out of four shoppers who find local information in search results helpful are more likely to visit stores.” (more…)

You Are Not Exempt From Writing Reviews

Owning and operating a local business usually guarantees that your day will be busy from beginning to end. If you have taken the time to read this blog then that says something about you; you are someone who understands that marketing your business and more specifically, getting reviews online, is of utmost importance. Receiving tons of reviews on Google+, Yelp, or Foursquare can make or break a business, so why do business owners hesitate when asked to provide a review for other businesses? Whether it is the local coffee shop, your company’s electrician, or your main supplier; providing these businesses with reviews is necessary to help you grow your business. Here are four tips on giving reviews while representing your business:

Create Accounts for your Business

The first step to writing reviews is to create accounts. Yelp, Google+, and Foursquare are all excellent accounts to start with for a local business. After you are all signed up, just start reviewing. It is best to target companies that directly benefit your business’s success, but don’t be afraid to give a review to that kick-ass taco shop down the street. By giving positive reviews you will be building up your companies profile online as well. (more…)

Google Maps Sorting Feature

Just another reason for us to realize how important Google+ reviews really are. In mid-December, Google added a sorting feature to Google Maps that allows the user to sort by review rating – 2-star, 3-star and 4-star (as shown below).

screenshot of google maps sorting feature


The Dreaded 1-Star Review

Receiving negative feedback in any shape or form is inevitable.  Things go wrong, people have bad days, yada yada, but how you handle the negative feedback is what can make or break the resolution. It’s said that it is 25 times more expensive for a company to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one, making ongoing investments in customer satisfaction a priority.

So instead of cringing and losing quality sleep over a negative review, see what it says and use it as an opportunity to retain that customer (if you want to keep them) and even improve your business. When customers are unhappy with your service, 94% will just never come back and it’s said that only 4% actually complain on a public forum. So with that knowledge, we should be really glad they complained to you instead of just jumping ship and never coming back. There are certainly some cases where the review is outlandish and you would rather just say ‘good riddance’ which is understandable, however there are situations where you can retain the customer and ‘make things right’. In fact, a complaint that is successfully solved will retain the customer 70% of the time! (more…)

Grow Local Business by Thinking Like a Customer

As a local business owner, where do you focus your efforts to grow your business? Your answers might include things like keeping costs down, motivating your sales force, buying new equipment, or making product improvements. These are all great ideas, but there is one common problem with these efforts. Notice how they all tend to focus on your business and not your customer?

Of course, improving your business will ultimately allow you to better serve your customers, but that does not happen automatically. As long as your focus is on your own gain and benefit, you will miss the opportunity to connect with your customers and communicate in a way that inspires them to action. In order to grow your business you must win new customers and keep current ones. You do that by challenging yourself to think like a customer.

Here are three questions to help you connect with your buyers by thinking like a customer: (more…)

Google Local Search Update

Recently, the team at Upright learned about an update to the Google Local search results that will drastically effect local searches moving forward. When someone is looking for a business in their city to visit they will typically type phrases into Google that resemble “Cincinnati Dry Cleaning” or “Seafood in Cincinnati”. When the results for your search appear they will look like the image below which Google calls a “Snack Pack”:

localseach-snackpack (more…)

Facts About Reviews & Young Customers

As you may already know, users are taking into account online reviews when it comes to their buying decisions. They are also reading reviews more often than in previous years, and they are forming opinions even quicker! Online reviews are crucial when it comes to turning a potential prospect into a lifelong customer.

However, did you know that ‘millennials’ are the ones that are writing AND reading the most reviews? Was that surprising to you? Millennials are getting a lot of heat these days from the older generations, but they seem to be bringing their a-game when it comes to online reviews. (more…)

A Phrase to Live By: Addressing Customer Issues

good-cheap-fastGood, Fast, Cheap. You can only pick two. Running a small business comes with challenges that most people can hardly understand, and one challenge that seems to rear its head every day is customer satisfaction and expectations. Issues will arise daily within one of these three groups and every issue can be broken into one of these three categories:

  • Good – Is the product or service meeting the level of expectation that the customer had set?
  • Fast – Is the product or service delivered fast enough to meet the customer need?
  • Cheap – Is the price low or high enough to satisfy everyone involved?


Local Keyword Ranking Reports – What they are and what they’re not.

In online marketing, certain reports become a point of fixation for marketers and business owners alike. Keyword Ranking reports are one of those reports that tend to look extremely valuable, but actually tend to leave out a lot information.  If you’re unfamiliar with ranking reports, they are snapshots of how your website is appearing in search engines for a specific set of defined keywords. They tell you your websites position on a results page, which can indicate the amount of visitors that will make it your site. If you’re ranked number one you will get a lot more visitors than if you’re ranked number 11.  Since this is so easy to understand and therefore it becomes a go to report for marketers. However, it’s up to us to explain what’s missing and stop a bad fixation.

Let’s go over a bit of a report from a service Upright likes to use Bright Local:

Local Keyword Ranking Reports (more…)

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