A lot has happened at Upright Communications since our founding in 1996. We have launched hundreds of client websites. We have seen many companies grow by the power of our work – adding jobs, locations, and expanding their service offering with the ROI that Upright provides. And we have grown ourselves as a team. Exciting projects! Happy babies! New doughnut flavors to try! We never miss a beat. And we like to write about our company culture in our blog.  

Below find excerpts of entries from this blog that are Upright News, with an opportunity to read more of each entry. We also invite you to continue exploring our website, to get a clear picture of how Upright helps businesses like yours. When you are ready to take action and earn more customers online, contact us.

Friday Funk: Amend yer Options

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Looking for some excitement? Craving adventure? How about getting involved in a little internet piracy on Facebook? Aye, but ye needn’t be a frettin’, it’s all perfectly legal. All you have to do is “amend yer options.”

Flashback Friday Funk

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We were playing with this website we’ve known for a while now: http://web.archive.org/ and thought it would be a ton of fun to share with our readers what Upright’s home page looked like when the company first started in 1996. Take a tour through our flashback time machine. 1996 2001 2004 2010 Be sure to… Read more »

The Lakers– and Celtics– Still Need You

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(The Los Angeles Lakers are 2010 NBA Champions with an 83-79 win over the Boston Celtics.) As shown by the riots outside the Staples Center last night after the Lakers win, local fans get pretty excited about their team. But does public excitement translate into positive  reviews of these franchises in Google Maps? Actually, no…. Read more »

Upright Quoted in CareerRocketer.com Advice Column

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CareerRocketer.com published Upright’s advice! Is your career a perpetual “countdown to blast-off”?  Well our friends at CareerRocketer.com have the remedy.  Their website functions essentially as an advice column for job seekers, personal branding enthusiasts, and career developers.  Why is this site vital?  Because the job recruitment process has changed so radically over the past 5… Read more »

Donate to Relief Efforts in Haiti

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In the wake of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti Tuesday, the US State Department advises that immediate aid should be in donation form.  Travel to Haiti (especially its ravaged capital, Port-au-Prince) is very difficult, so it’s best to donate to groups that are already on the ground working in the region.  Even $5… Read more »

Interview for ‘The Circuit’ – Upright SEO Director, Allison Kulage

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In November ’09, Allison Kulage presented the topic “Is Your SEO in Balance?” for Cincinnati (Ohio) technology community network, The Circuit. Impressed by her expert knowledge and enthusiasm, The Circuit released a subsequent interview with Allison for their January newsletter. In the interview, Allison educates readers on: why visitor behavior is #1 the “three-legged stool”… Read more »

Upright Communications Gives Back: Donating Marketing and Social Media Services To A Worthy Cause

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All of us here at Upright would like to share with our readers a project that is close to our hearts. We’re a grateful bunch here. We enjoy life to the fullest and always try to display the attitude of gratitude as we enjoy our ongoing successes in our professional and personal lives. So when… Read more »

Upright in the News: Allison Kulage, SEO Director

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In what was billed “an exclusive interview with a top SEO pro,” Allison Kulage shared valuable wisdom with industry leader LinksManager.com.  Read the full interview here.  Accomplished journalist Elliot Borin recorded conversations with Upright SEO Director Ms. Kulage in July, publishing the full article this past weekend. Topic: The value of link building — gathering… Read more »

Upright Named Among Cincinnati’s “Top 10 in Web Design”

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On September 11, 2009 Cincinnati Business Courier named Upright Communications one of the Top 10 Web Design Firms in Cincinnati. We are very excited to be among such talented designers, and it’s especially cool because web design is only one portion of Upright’s full Internet marketing program.  This is a great time to thank our… Read more »