A lot has happened at Upright Communications since our founding in 1996. We have launched hundreds of client websites. We have seen many companies grow by the power of our work – adding jobs, locations, and expanding their service offering with the ROI that Upright provides. And we have grown ourselves as a team. Exciting projects! Happy babies! New doughnut flavors to try! We never miss a beat. And we like to write about our company culture in our blog.  

Below find excerpts of entries from this blog that are Upright News, with an opportunity to read more of each entry. We also invite you to continue exploring our website, to get a clear picture of how Upright helps businesses like yours. When you are ready to take action and earn more customers online, contact us.

Online Marketers Say the Darndest Things

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or this Friday Funk, the joke’s on us!  As online marketers we sometimes take ourselves too seriously– brand positioning, scalable solutions, social currency– it all loses meaning when the humor sets in. This hilarious submit-your-own-caption website, “Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising” is cracking us up today.  Check it out! Some of Upright employees’… Read more »

The Season for Memories

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The holidays are a time of celebration, traditions, and making special memories with family and friends. In honor of the season, the Upright team has some Christmas memories we would like to share with you. A few of these Christmas memories sound like they could be made into great holiday movies. Or perhaps, it’s the… Read more »

Still Time to Send Holiday Greetings!

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With only one week to go before Christmas, you may be thinking that there’s no time left to send holiday greetings to your clients or customers. But thanks to the magic of Google it’s not too late! With a new Google Maps app, you can create your own e-cards by selecting from 10 holiday covers,… Read more »

Friday Fun: Time Traveler or Smart Social Media Marketer?

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Just in time for Halloween, there is a spooky new story circulating throughout the internet involving time travel. An Irish film maker claims to have found footage of an old woman using a cell phone in the extra features on his DVD of the Charlie Chaplin film, Circus. His story has been covered everywhere, from blogs to major news networks, including links to the 1928 footage he posted on YouTube.

Friday Funk: Google Doodles

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If you’re like me, and use a custom iGoogle theme page for your Google searches, you may be missing Google Doodles. These are the creative interpretations of the classic Google logo that the search engine displays on certain days. They appear on the main search page to mark everything from holidays to noteworthy days in… Read more »

Friday Funk: Happy Labor Day!

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Friday is finally here, and as we all look forward to the long weekend, the Upright team wishes everyone a happy and safe Labor Day! In honor of the occasion, this week’s Friday Funk highlights a little Labor Day humor from www.humormatters.com. My Personal Work History My first job was working in an orange juice… Read more »