A lot has happened at Upright Communications since our founding in 1996. We have launched hundreds of client websites. We have seen many companies grow by the power of our work – adding jobs, locations, and expanding their service offering with the ROI that Upright provides. And we have grown ourselves as a team. Exciting projects! Happy babies! New doughnut flavors to try! We never miss a beat. And we like to write about our company culture in our blog.  

Below find excerpts of entries from this blog that are Upright News, with an opportunity to read more of each entry. We also invite you to continue exploring our website, to get a clear picture of how Upright helps businesses like yours. When you are ready to take action and earn more customers online, contact us.

Happy Holidays from Upright Communications

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Upright News.

It is Christmas time in Cincinnati! This picture is of the Cincinnati Zoo PNC Festival of Lights, one of Greater Cincinnati’s great holiday traditions. We hope that you will be enjoying many wonderful celebrations where ever you may be this season.

Ways to Stay Recharged in an Inbound World

Posted by Jacob Meyer & filed under Upright News.

At Upright, we are constantly coming up with new ideas for clients and bouncing ideas around internally. Being in the inbound marketing business means we need to be attracting new visitors all the time. I myself for instance need to constantly stay vigilant on campaigns and make sure offers are delivered on time. I think… Read more »

Upright Communications Website Changes

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Upright News.

A New URL – www.UprightCommunications.com The Upright Communications team is excited to announce the launch of our new web address – UprightCommunications.com! In keeping with our new, streamlined website redesign, we are shifting to a new, simplified address. Our website, as well as our team member email addresses will now all  now reside at UprightCommunications.com. Will… Read more »

Our New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Upright News.

As we all get ready to welcome a new year, many of us at Upright are thinking about improvements we would like to make in the new year. In addition to our business and professional goals, we are also considering personal goals to make our lives healthier, more purposeful, and more interesting. Below are some… Read more »

Helping Clients Conquer the World!

Posted by Greg Barlow & filed under Search Engine Marketing, Upright News.

It’s not often that we like to brag on ourselves, or even share customer success stories, but this one is really pretty cool! Upright met Southern Tank in August of 2007.  Southern Tank is a custom steel tank manufacturing company based in Owensboro, Kentucky.  They had always considered themselves a “regional” company  because, as Vice… Read more »

The Season for Memories

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Upright News.

This is the time of year when thoughts turn to celebration, as well as warm recollections of good times past, spent with family and friends. In honor of the season, we would like to share with you some of our fondest Christmas memories. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a most wonderful holiday season!… Read more »

The Most Epic and Honest Commercial

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Content Development, Friday Fun, Social Media Marketing.

Creative marketing sometimes means finding a unique perspective and presenting a pitch in way that hasn’t been done before.  It isn’t easy to think “out of the box” – especially when it comes to your own business. Creative marketing requires some inspiration every now and then, and so in that spirit we bring you the… Read more »

We Would Have Sent You a Pizza!

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Digital Marketing, Friday Fun.

People want good customer service, its true! When choosing an establishment to do business with, we expect good customer service. When good customer service happens, we are grateful and thankful for the employee who went above and beyond their call of duty. As they say, “happy customers are a result of happy employees.” We have… Read more »

Upright’s Eric Frye Has “Cameo” in Airtime Demo Video

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Upright News.

Napster founder Sean Parker launched an ambitious new social video platform in New York City on Tuesday.  Connected through Facebook, Airtime allows you to video-chat with strangers around the world with your same interests.  The official launch event featured demo video chats between celebrities Snoop Dogg, Jim Carrey, Ed Helms, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joel McHale, Alicia… Read more »

Upright Attends Cut & Paste Design Competition

Posted by Eric Frye & filed under Conversion Optimization, Upright News.

The first Cut&Paste digital design competitionwas held in New York City in 2005. It has grown massively since. Today, preliminary rounds are held in each of 12 cities worldwide — with winners competing in the Global Championship in NYC each year. This past Saturday, I was in attendance for the Los Angeles qualifying round of… Read more »