14 Reusable Ideas for Small Business Facebook Posts

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If you are using Facebook to promote your small business, you are not alone. According to Ad Week, the number of small businesses with a Facebook page that is updated at least once a month rose from 25 million in 2013 to 30 million in 2014. With so much participation, updating your Facebook page every once in a while is… Read more »

Call-To-Action Button Added to Facebook!

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You may have heard whispers of Facebook adding a call-to-action button to business pages, and we’re happy to say it’s true! The feature is awesome and we are wondering why it didn’t arrive sooner! You can add the feature by clicking on the business page that you manage, and you should soon see the alert. If you don’t… Read more »

Social Media Week Chicago 2013

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I had the privilege of attending Social Media Week Chicago 2013 two weeks ago and was overwhelmed by the forward thinking, informed leaders in the social media and digital marketing community with whom I made connections. #SMW is a mostly free conference held over 5 days on 4 different continents and features professionals and industry… Read more »

Funding for New Social Media Ideas – So 2011?

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According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the social media bubble is bursting.  From Wall Street trading to closed-doors corporate funding, investors have begun turning a cold shoulder to the inventors of tomorrow’s social sharing networks. In fact, corporate investment in social media (in networks such as Facebook and Pinterest, the funding of apps, etc.), has steadily declined… Read more »

Social Media Explained with Donuts

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What do social media and donuts have in common? Both are something one may enjoy at the start of the day. Both are available in a wide variety of types and flavors to suite a broad range of individual tastes. Recently, a North Carolina based marketing company tied these two subjects together in an interesting… Read more »

Friday Fun: Credit to Social Media

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We frequently hear advertisers in various industries say, “social media is great, but it really doesn’t apply to my market.” The story of Xceed Financial Federal Credit Union, as reported at Credit Unions Online, might make those reluctant marketers reconsider. Rather than deciding that social media was not relevant for their business, they found a way to make their business applicable to social media.

Tuesday Tip: 5 Ways to Optimize Your NEW Facebook Page

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So let’s say your company is new to Facebook and finally have gotten around to creating a Facebook page.  It’s now another way for you to expand your brand online and you want to represent yourself as the successful company that you are.  Not only that but you want your page to create business opportunities and encourage networking. We can… Read more »