Search engines continuously update the logic that ranks one web page over another, which is known as a search engine algorithm. Google, Bing/Yahoo, as well as Baidu, Yandex and others — they are all powered by unique algorithms. The key to search engine marketing is to follow all algorithmic rules and best practices, as well as any new updates, in your strategy to gain favor with search engines. As search engine marketers, we know what it takes to earn and retain visibility in all major global search engines.

Below find excerpts of entries from this blog that have a search engine marketing focus, with an opportunity to read more of each entry. We also invite you to continue exploring our website, to get a clear picture of how Upright helps businesses like yours. When you are ready to take action and earn more customers online, contact us.

Google Tags Expires – Need a Boost?

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After only one year, Google is discontinuing Google Tags.  Tags was a tool that enabled local businesses to promote specific areas of their business for $25/month.  Are you running a Tag currently?  Here are examples of how these bright yellow call-outs appear in local Google results: Announcement An excerpt from Google’s brief email notice to… Read more »

Bing Business Portal

Posted by Colleen Frye & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

UPDATE: Are business listings you created in Bing Local missing when you log into the new Bing Business Portal?  We’ve noticed across several clients that business listings claimed before April 1 have not migrated into the Bing Business Portal.  Others have also noted this in Bing’s forums.  Bing recommends that you fill out this online… Read more »

List of Banned Terms in Google Places

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Are you a small business owner who’s seen this ominous message in Google Places? Eeek, it’s scary looking right?!  The Google Places forum is full of posts from people who have received this error after using correct, official business data in their listing.  They do not understand which terms within their listing are banned.  We… Read more »

Multiple Domains? No Problem – We Can Help

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One of our most popular blog entries ever discusses concerns while optimizing multiple domains. Well the truth is, a lot of companies have multiple domains (URLs) to serve different portions of their business.  And this is great! Upright has 15 years experience in helping clients with multiple business sites.  Yes there are concerns, such as… Read more »

Block Yourself from Time-Wasting Websites!

Posted by Eric Frye & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

Time-wasting websites suck the life out of your work day. I speak from experience! There are two websites that I visit almost compulsively– both are news sources that make me feel wayyyy out of the loop if I don’t check them several times a day. Nonsense. Visiting non-work websites wastes productivity. Also, reading too much… Read more »

Googlers Happier with Bing-Yahoo Results?

Posted by Upright Communications & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

Various reports released in March 2011 state that the search engine Bing has surpassed partner Yahoo in percentage share of US searches. (As previously reported by this blog, Yahoo now displays Bing’s results for searches, hence the term “partner”.) Never one to believe rumors, we turned to the official comScore report to give us the… Read more »

Eye Opening Study Shows Organic Search Results Get More Views

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

A recent study conducted by the consulting firm, User Centric, took a literal look at how Bing and Google users view search results. Using Tobii T60 eye tracker technology, the study measured what areas of the computer screen participants looked at, and how long they spent looking at those areas. The findings indicate that organic… Read more »

Quality Content Ranks Higher with Google Changes

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Content Development, Search Engine Marketing.

Last week Google announced it made changes to its search algorithms that resulted in the engine placing more emphasis on content quality when determining website rankings. This is the latest in Google’s ongoing effort to return the most relevant query results for its users. Google reports that these adjustments have impacted 11.8% of their queries…. Read more »

Black Hat SEO Leads Big Retailer into Big Trouble with Google

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

Upright clients know that we are committed, not only to providing effective search engine marketing, but also to using only “white hat” ethical SEO practices. A recent story in The New York Times reminds marketers why ethical processes are so important, and reports on how a large, well-known retailer got burned by “black hat” SEO.

DuckDuckGo: Emerging Search Star Squares Off With Google

Posted by Erin Meyer & filed under Search Engine Marketing.

As search engine innovator Google has continued to develop new ways to gather information and enhance its services, users have become more mindful of privacy issues.  Three years ago, this concern led entrepreneur developer Gabriel Weinberg to cry “fowl” and begin work on DuckDuckGo, a search engine that would place a priority on user privacy…. Read more »