With the growing significance of maintaining a solid online business presence, comes the need for reputation management. Whether it is responding to reviews or answering inquiries on social media platforms, it is essential to stay on top of these opportunities for interaction. Your next customer may be reading about your last customer’s experience online right now.

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Building Your Credibility with Reputation Management

Posted by Diana Hadden & filed under Reputation Management.

Reputation management takes being a purveyor of information one step further by tracking, monitoring, and willingly engaging in conversation via social media with those commenting on your goods or services. When done properly, social media reputation management builds your credibility with customers which ultimately strengthens trust in your brand. First and foremost, obtaining Google reviews… Read more »

How You Can Improve Your Reputation Management

Posted by Hannah Roberts & filed under Reputation Management.

A star rating scale, often out of five stars, is a quick way for customers to review a business’ product/service and/or their overall experience. Although this feature can give other potential buyers an idea of other buyers’ thoughts, without the presence of text to accompany the rating, it is difficult to conclude how accurate the… Read more »

The Dreaded 1-Star Review

Posted by Colleen Frye & filed under Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing.

Receiving negative feedback in any shape or form is inevitable.  Things go wrong, people have bad days, yada yada, but how you handle the negative feedback is what can make or break the resolution. It’s said that it is 25 times more expensive for a company to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one,… Read more »

Reviews = Rankings

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Digital Marketing, Reputation Management.

Search engine optimization practitioners theorize each day what search engines use as ranking leverage. There are about 200 factors that search engines take in to consideration and none of these factors are on public display. It’s the SEO practitioner’s job to assess each site and do their best to follow best practices to help their… Read more »

How to Gain Business Reviews

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Content Development, Local Search Focus, Reputation Management.

Gaining business reviews is incredibly helpful for gaining more business. Of course, you’ll want to get all the positive reviews that you can. Reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, etc., are helpful for when a potential customer is shopping around and stumbles upon your business online. A glowing amount of reviews will instill their trust… Read more »

Building Trust

Posted by Will McKenzie & filed under Business Growth, Reputation Management.

Every single person who is searching online for a product or service has a 2 second attention span. As soon as a potential buyer goes to a new website, that site has 2 seconds to engage the visitor enough to stay on that website. 2 SECONDS! In the past, companies have used cheap gimmicks and… Read more »

Responding to Negative Reviews

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing.

It’s very common for business owners to notice a negative review and not know how to respond or handle it. In fact, many business owners opt out of displaying or asking for reviews because they don’t know how to respond to negative reviews. We are here to tell you to not fear the negative review!… Read more »

The Power of Online Reviews

Posted by Colleen Frye & filed under Content Development, Reputation Management, Search Engine Marketing.

Reviews have always been a part of businesses – whether online, word of mouth, in a magazine, whatever it may be, they affect the way in which consumers make decisions.  Sites like Google, Yelp and other directories pride themselves on their reliable reviews that help users make the best purchasing assessment! Gaining reviews has now… Read more »

A Clue on Reviews!

Posted by Jenn Sargeant & filed under Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing.

We live in a world where people depend more and more on resources found on the internet. Looking for a new restaurant around town? Google “restaurant” to see what pops up. Will you try the restaurant that has bad reviews about a dirty kitchen or try the restaurant that has great reviews about the service?… Read more »